What is home automation and how it works?

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Computers, Advanced internet technology, Artificial Intelligence, Bluetooth technology, smartphone, cloud services are some of the terms dropped in conversations. These things were unheard of some two decades ago but new inventions made sure that people get to enjoy benefits that are out of the world experience.  Music and sound systems are part of a home as it is an inseparable component of daily life. Gramophones and Music Record Players have been replaced by iPods, mobile phones, home sound systems Riyadh and AM/FM radios etc. The latest sound systems such as a home theatre audio component are able to work without the help of cable connectivity. Now you can enjoy cable free sound systems in your living room, bedroom, and any other part of the house. Sound systems now can be controlled with a remote and Bluetooth speakers are able to rip music from different storages such as mobile phone, computer hard disk etc with consummate ease.

 Home automation has made it much easier for residents to function. There are umpteen tasks that the home automation technology is able to perform and without any failure and with high accuracy. 

What is Home Automation?

Home automation is referred to controlling electronic items, household appliances, household activities and features through the use of computer or similar device. Home automation Riyadh will enable you to control utilities with the help of Wi-Fi internet and in the process reduce expenses such as power bills. This automation technology is not known to everyone but computer users can easily understand what it is and how they can utilize the technology to their home advantage. 

How home automation works?

Home automation uses a bevy of network hardware, electronic interface, and communication to connect daily use devices with one another using internet. These devices are fixed with sensors and are connected through Wi-Fi internet. This enables people to connect to the home devices while they are away from home. A smartphone or tablet is sufficient to keep surveillance of your home while you are travelling or away at work. With the automation system you can perform the following tasks without touching any of these devices:

Control lighting, lock the front door, turn down AC units or heating system, switch on and switch off lights, start or close microwaves play music, close music and many more  

3 primary elements makeup the home automation and they are 

  1. Sensors
  2. Controllers 
  3. Actuators  

Sensors can detect changes and monitor daylight, detect motion, and temperature. The home automation can adjust these settings according to your liking.

Controllers mean devices which can be PCs, tablets, smartphone, laptop etc that are used for sending and receiving messages.  From them you can obtain information about the status of automated features.

Actuators could be motors, light switches or motorized valves that are used for actual control of the mechanism or function. A remote controller can control them through software using a remote controller command.   

What are the features of home automation systems?

Home automation provides an array of services that are convenient, safe and comfortable. Here are a few main features available to residents from this platform:

  • Controlling lights remotely
  • Monitoring fire and Carbon Monoxide
  • Home appliance control 
  • Thermostat control
  • Security systems and cameras 
  • Alarm systems
  • Live video surveillance
  • Real-time text and email alerts
  • Keyless entry
  • Digital personal assistant integration
  • Voice and gesture activated control

Important benefits of home automation technology

The intent of a home automation system is to regulate the functions of your home. Here are the benefits of installing the automation system in homes:

Remote access 

You can remotely connect and control your home functions through mobile phone, tablet, laptop and other mobile devices using internet.


By introducing home automation systems you can relax and live in high comfort. Your home will feel extremely comfortable, a space where you would like to spend more time. You can pre adjust the thermostat so your life spaces enjoy the right temperature. You can setup the system to play soothing music when you return from work, adjust room lighting according to your preference.  


You can program devices to turn on or turn off at a particular time or control them remotely using internet connection. You don’t have to manually turn of the lights, or lock door behind you as it is taken over by home automation. This is great convenience because it allows you to concentrate on other household items that need your care. 

Increased safety 

Fire or smoke detectors, pressure sensors, and other features of the home automation help maintain your home free of accidents or disasters. 

Energy efficiency 

Home automation helps reduce power bills by controlling energy consumption.  The system will help switch of the lights after certain time or reduce home temperature when you are out of your home.

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