Tips on how to find the right fit for your blazer

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Blazers are here forever, as it is perfect for both work and play and it comes in a multitude of styles for women. When they are fitted correctly they will enhance your natural curves without being brazen while hiding the extra flab a woman may have accumulated over the years. Here are a few tips on how to find the perfect fitting blazer for women and how blazer online shopping can be a better experience than buying it from conventional avenues. 

Things to consider

If you are not comfortable in driving your car or just hail fiend on the way or hug a near and dear, then it should be deemed that your blazer is too tight of a fit. You can test the following advice to find the right fitting blazer for yourself. Don’t go for blazers that are too costly and find Sustainable clothing brand affordable in USA that you will find a lot with the online clothing store for women.   

The wall test 

Stand near a wall while wearing your blazer and gently lean onto it. If the shoulder pads hit the wall first and crumble, the blazer is too big. If your body and the blazer touch the wall at the same time, it is the correct fit. If your body hits the wall first and not the pads then the blazer is too small. This is the simplest way you can test the fit of your blazer in y our dressing room. You make it sure by matching the seams with your shoulders.  

Tips to find the right blazer shape 

Straight line

If your chest, hips and waist are in a line then it is a straight line fit so make sure that the blazed is tucked in a little at the hips to create some curve. 

Pear Shape 

Your upper body is smaller than your hips in size, and this would mean that the blazer will enhance the shape of your hips more leaving the rest go unnoticed. This could be awkward so go for a cropped shape blazer or longer blazer to create a lean structure of your frame.

Reversed Triangle Shape

You have wider upper body which makes your lower body look small. Do not blazers with pads and choose lean towards fit blazers. Presence of pads will only make your upper body look broader.  

Apple Shape 

Your midsection is wider all the way. Choose blazer made of thinner material as it will not add to bulk. Instead go for blazer shapes that slightly cinches in and falls below the hips to achieve a waistline which more defined. Blazer online shopping will enable you to go through several fits as you will find many shops touting whole range of blazers that are cheap and sustainable.

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