The Most Common and Fashionable Bed Frames in the United Kingdom

Tokyo Bed Frame

Bed frames form the basic structure of any bed and provide support for the combined weight of a mattress and the user. They can be made with different materials, such as wood, metal, and composite.

In the United Kingdom, various styles of bed frames are available such as an ottoman, sleigh, divan, platform, canopy, panel, and Oxford bed frame. However, we will discuss some of the most commonly used bed frames below.

Platform bed frame

A platform bed frame is a type of bed frame that supports a mattress without the need for a box spring or foundation. Instead of having a traditional bed frame with slats or a solid base.

A platform bed frame has a flat surface made of slats or solid wood that provides support for the mattress. The platform bed frame typically sits lower to the ground than a traditional bed frame, giving it a modern and minimalist look.

There are many different styles of platform bed frames, ranging from simple and functional to ornate and decorative. Some platform bed frames have built-in storage drawers, while others have a sleek and simple design ideal for modern and minimalist bedrooms.

Panel bed frame

Panel bed frames that feature headboards and footboards made up of panels. These panels are usually constructed from wood or a combination of wood and other materials, such as metal or upholstered fabric.

The panels on a panel bed frame can be simple and functional or ornate and decorative, depending on the design. They can be rectangular or curved, featuring decorative elements such as carvings, mounding, or raised panels.

Like other types of bed frames, panel bed frames can be found in various sizes, from twin to king, and can be made from various materials.

They can be a great addition to a traditional or transitional bedroom, providing a classic and timeless look. Panel bed frames also offer the added benefit of a sturdy and supportive frame for a mattress and box spring

Tokyo bed frame

A Tokyo bed frame is a type of platform bed frame that is inspired by Japanese design. This type of bed frame is typically low to the ground and features clean lines and a minimalist design.

The Tokyo bed frame is often made of solid or engineered wood and may include built-in storage drawers or shelves. One of the distinguishing features of the Tokyo bed frame is its low profile.

Which can create a sense of spaciousness in a small bedroom. This bed frame is often used in modern and contemporary bedroom designs and can be paired with a Japanese-style futon mattress or a traditional Western-style one.

The Tokyo bed frame is named after the city of Tokyo, known for its unique blend of modern and traditional design. The simplicity and elegance of the Tokyo bed frame reflect this aesthetic, making it a popular choice for those who appreciate Japanese design and want to create a calm and minimalist bedroom space.

Tokyo Bed Frame
Tokyo Bed Frame

Sleigh bed frame

A sleigh bed frame is a type of bed frame that features a distinctive curved or scrolled headboard and footboard that resemble a sled or a sleigh. The headboard and footboard are typically made of wood or upholstered materials, and the legs of the bed are curved or scrolled to match the curves of the headboard and footboard.

Sleigh bed frames can be found in various styles. The curved design of a sleigh bed frame can provide a sense of elegance to a bedroom, making it a popular choice for master bedrooms or guest rooms. However, their unique design makes sleigh bed frames more challenging to move or transport than other bed frames.


A divan bed frame is a popular type of bed in the UK, which consists of a base and a mattress. The base is usually made of a wooden frame covered in fabric and may contain built-in storage drawers or compartments.

One of the main benefits of a divan bed frame is its practicality and versatility. The storage space it provides is ideal for those with little space or who want to keep their bedroom organized. Divan beds also come in various sizes and styles, making them suitable for different rooms and décor styles.

Another advantage of divan beds is that they provide a solid and sturdy foundation for the mattress, which can help enhance your sleep quality.

The divan bed base is typically designed to absorb shock and distribute weight evenly, which can help to reduce pressure on your joints and improve your overall comfort while you sleep.

Overall, a Tokyo bed frame can be an excellent investment if you’re looking for a comfortable, practical, and versatile bed that provides ample storage space and a supportive foundation for your mattress.

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