The importance of safety vest in the lives of building construction workers

safety footwear in riyadh

For construction workers safety vest is a vital piece of clothing that enable them to face harsh elements during work. Safety clothing is able to keep workers safe by providing greater visibility and certain levels of protection against hazardous and you will find many types of protective vests that fulfil the demands. Let us analyze why workers are required to wear safety vest or سترة سلامة:

 Reasons why workers need safety vest 

  • Increased visibility 

Safety vest’ primary objective is to increase visibility. The colourful safety vests the right garment tow wear in a place where reduced visibility and poor light can put human life in danger. A construction site is teeming with heavy machinery such as bulldozers, heavily laden trucks, JCBS, Concrete mixtures, material movers, winches and lifts, tower cranes, boom loaders, excavators, levellers, forklifts etc. coming in contact with these machinery due to  poor light can be decisive. Safety vests are made of bright and fluorescent material that reflect light thus make workers easily visible to the machine operators.   For an example a overhead crane operator can easily spot the fluorescent clothing worn by workers and avoid collision with heavy material it is lifting and moving. A safety vest or سترة سلامة is designed to deflect material or bear impact in case of accidents and will thus minimize damage.

  • Different types of safety vests 

There are several different types of safety vests are available in the market that a construction contractor can use to prevent accidental injuries owing to poor visibility. Some of these vests are added with stripes that help increase visibility even under poor or low light conditions. There are other vests that are made of heavy-duty materials so potential incidents of injuries are avoided. You should consider working conditions and specific job sits before buying the safety vests for workers.   There is no point in investing in protective vests that are not effective under certain conditions.

What safety vest’ colors depict?

In general the safety vests are made of bright orange color which is standard, but do you know that there are other colors that are integrated in to these that have special meaning.  Here let us classify the safety vests according to color codes.   

  • Orange – This is the most common safety vest used by construction crews, utility workers and  crews involved in road/highway maintenance 
  • Yellow – This is most used by traffic control inspectors or officers and you will find them in school crossing guards and traffic controllers.
  • Green color – vests are used by Surveyors and landscaping experts use green safety vests.
  • Blue vests – are for police offices and security forces guarding vital installations, banks, ATMs and other such places where property safeguarding is of utmost importance.
  • Red color –  vest is used by emergency services and fire fighters 
  • Purple – is for teams that handle hazardous materials 

Normally it is a single solid color for these vests but more colors or stripes i the middle of the vest are introduced to classify the vests .  Safety vests are now classified as Ansi Class 2 or Ansi Class 3 vests and they are named according to the width of the reflective strips. Minimum reflectivity of Ansi Class 2 is 201 square inches while the Ansi Class 3 has the reflectivity of 310 per square inch.  

Safety footwear in Riyadh is another protective tool that every worker must use or wear. It is important for workers to wear them as they work under conditions where hardships for your feet are waiting. Feet are vulnerable to injuries when they are exposed.  Workers working in harsh conditions where debris, hot molten metal, pieces of steel scraps, and other sharp objects are found routinely. The safety footwear is made with special specifications such as steel cap on the toe area of the shoe. Steel capped toes can minimize heavy impacts and save fingers from getting fractured or injured.

There are 4 primary safety footwear types are available in the markets that are designed to suit different environments. 

  1. Safety-toed shoes 
  2. Steel insole shoes
  3. Metatarsal shoes
  4. Electric Hazard shoes

Safety footwear is provided to workers to ensure the safety of their toes and adjacent areas and prevent injuries from hard impact and hazardous accidents. They are used to minimize injury risks at work places and the steel plate covered shoes are largely in use with manufacturing units, mills and other places where risks of heavy objects falling on workers’ feet. Wearing safety footwear such as this is significant for keeping workers in safety. You can find one from the market, preferably online, that will fulfil your requirements. Safety vests, steel toed shoes, safety goggles and hand gloves are some of the safety equipment a worker will need while working under the harsh condition of building construction. You can find the best Safety footwear in Riyadh at Safety Store, Riyadh, KSA and to clear your queries and buy safety gear you can  visit.

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