How Student Health Management System will Helps School Nurses

student health management system

In order to promote the physical and mental health of school-aged children, school nurses are essential. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises school districts to staff each school building with a full-time school nurse. Ask the school if there are any health services available to help your child’s ongoing or urgent medical need. By effective data management procedures, such as documentation, reporting, and analysis of student health data, EHRs help school nurses provide population-based healthcare to the whole school community. Let’s check features of student health management system.

What is Student Health Management System

Private schools can priorities student health and safety by using an electronic health record system, commonly referred to as a student health document management system. It has been demonstrated that using this approach will lessen administrative work, improve employee efficiency, and free up critical time.

Features of SHMS

Communicating in Schools Is Now Simpler

Magnus offers your school a better approach to gather, monitor, and manage student health information. By securely keeping all of your papers in one online portal and giving staff members role-based access, you can streamline cross-departmental collaboration.

Effective Medicine Administration

Throughout the day, keep note of the frequency and dose of the medications that students need.

Tracking Immunizations More Easily

By keeping track of inoculation dates, waivers, and exemptions in one location, you may do away with the need to flip through paper documents.

Higher Compliance Rate

Compliance with local and state vaccination requirements may be achieved without human labour thanks to a tailored compliance reporting tool.

Tips for Managing EHR

At private and independent schools, the most effective way to manage student health records is through an electronic health record system (EHR). This approach has been shown to enhance workflows, communication, compliance, and save time for school nurses and other health professionals.

Creating Student Documents Automatically

Using an electronic health record system like Magnus Health is one approach to automate student health reporting. All student health information is tracked by this computerised technology in a single database. To simplify reporting, school nurses and medical personnel can set up Smart Lists and automatic reminders.

Managing Student Health Effectively

K–12 schools were compelled to act quickly to protect their children and employees due to the fast evolving COVID-19 scenario. It became clear to many that they lack the tools necessary to immediately prepare student health visit records or notify parents of emergency closures, etc.

What are the Features a SHMs Must Have

All sorts of student health and medical information, including vaccination records, sports physicals, emergency and allergy action plans, consent to treat forms, and permission slips, may be digitally gathered and managed by schools using health software. The approved users can still access and use Magnus even if they are not physically on campus in the event of an unplanned school shutdown. 

Reports: Staff members may create lists based on student treatments using the Magnus Reporting tool, which enables them to identify trends in illness and medical office visits.
Push Notifications – Staff members can alert a parent or legal representative when the treatment note for their student has been shared with them.

Clinic Alerts – Reminders inform personnel when pupils are having medical problems.
Emergency Response System – Using a Smart List, schools may communicate a critical school message or alert parents and guardians to an emergency scenario with the touch of a button on any mobile device.
Tracking of immunizations – In the case of a disease epidemic, such as the flu, staff may immediately run a report to check for vaccine compliance, exemptions, waivers, or titers.

Most importantly, electronic health records will aid school nurses in adjusting to a school year where COVID-19 will still be a problem in the upcoming year. Schools and nurses will always be required to support robust health emergency response, allergy control, and medication delivery. Other regulations, such as COVID health tracking systems, are expected to endure through the start of the new academic year.

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