‘Typically I Suppose About Dying’ Sundance Movie Overview – Deadline

Typically I Suppose About Dying is directed by Rachel Lambert, written by Stefanie Abel Horowitz, Kevin Armento, and Katy Wright. The film stars Daisy Ridley, Dave Merheje, Megan Stalter, and Brittany O’ Grady.

The movie begins with pictures of this seaside north western city exterior of Seattle. It seems to be a dreary, and considerably lonely place. Subsequent we see Fran (Daisy Ridley) laying in mattress peering exterior the window on the grey sky. As an alternative of embracing the morning, she seems to be terrified to confront it. She works an earthly workplace job that she likes however is the least animated of her colleagues. Most of her work day is spent daydreaming about demise or being overly observant of small issues. Her evening routine can also be humdrum. Fran comes house, cooks dinner (within the microwave), thinks about dying, performs sudoku, ignores calls, brushes her tooth, and goes to mattress each evening round 10pm. 

Her co-workers are principally an exhausting bunch of colourful personalities led by Isobel (performed by the hilarious Megan Stalter) as they pretend chuckle and speak about how a lot they love donuts all day.  The brand new rent Robert (Dave Merheje), who admits he’s by no means labored a day in his life,  takes a liking to Fran. Now her fantasies of demise are injected with photos of him. Possibly she’s discovered somebody who provides her one thing to dwell for? Or is she getting her hopes up? 

The query I stored asking myself all through the movie is what’s the level of the various pictures of this darkish, overcast metropolis. Fran is usually caught within the shadows, or in darkness. Is she hiding one thing? Or is she similar to that? What’s the level of all this statement? Then it clicked. Fran is town–she is the darkness–a minimum of at first. When she is touched by silvers of daylight is when she begins to attach with these round her and begins to return out of her shell. 

There are some hanging photos aided from Lambert and aided by Dustin Lane’s cinematography particularly in scenes the place Fran imagines the alternative ways to die. Additionally the director is doing a little attention-grabbing digicam work capturing topics at odd angles and reduce offs. There are lots of photos of toes, legs, and speaking heads cut up in half. It took me some time to select up on what the aim of that was nevertheless it was all about disconnection. If Fran doesn’t see herself as an entire individual, how can she see others that method. It’s a genius method of reflecting the psyche of the principle character via visuals. Finishing the trifecta, is the romanticized and fantastical rating by Dabney Morris that turned a bleak topic into one thing extra hopeful. 

Daisy Ridley is doing a little profession greatest work in Typically I Suppose About Dying. She doesn’t have many strains, however her face is expressive sufficient to inform the viewers what’s happening. The anxiousness and silence is the place the actress shines and bodily expression is what Ridley is nice at. This isn’t the kind of position I might image her in, however is prepared for extra severe roles that show her vary of skills. 

Lambert took a narrative about despair and on a regular basis mundane life and turned it into one thing refreshing, modern, and humorous. Typically I Suppose About Dying is a queer narrative about discovering connection inside your self and others round you. The movie may have dived deeper into this concept as a result of the romance between Robert and Fran doesn’t all the time learn as genuine. BUT, the main target isn’t their relationship, it’s about discovering honesty in these new discovered private attachments. When Fran lastly tells Robert about her suicidal ideation, he embraces and helps her, and it is a watershed second for her.  One that claims, it’s alright to be susceptible.

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