Protect your iPhone 12 Pro Max with Nillkin Medley Hard Case

With the release of the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, it’s only natural for many to be excited and eager to flaunt their new device. However, with the device’s hefty price tag, it’s essential to keep it protected from unwanted scratches, drops, and damages. Fortunately, phone accessory companies have stepped up their game, offering various protective cases in the market. One such company is Nillkin, and in this blog, we’re going to take a look at their Medley hard case for Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7.

The Nillkin Medley hard case is a perfect choice for those who want superior protection without sacrificing their phone’s aesthetics. It offers full-body protection, including the sides, back, and camera bump, making it a great option for those who are prone to accidentally dropping their phones. The case is made of high-quality PC blend material, making it tough enough to withstand falls from up to six feet.

Besides providing robust protection, the case’s design elevates the look of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, making it even more sleek and stylish. It’s available in four different colors – black, blue, green, and red – giving users the liberty to choose one that perfectly matches their personal style.

Moreover, the case’s back panel is designed with a unique, frosted texture that is both smooth to the touch and offers a great grip so that you can securely hold your phone during use. The case’s precise cut-outs and responsive buttons allow for easy access to all ports, cameras, and controls, without you having to remove the case.

Another great feature of the Nillkin Medley hard case is its ability to withstand numerous pressure tests, proving its durability and reliability. The case undergoes strict quality control processes, ensuring that every single case that leaves the factory is top-quality and highly durable.


There is no denying that the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is a smartphone that demands attention, with its impressive display and outstanding camera quality. However, with these features comes the risk of damages and breakages. The Nillkin Medley hard case is a great way to keep your device safe from everyday wear and tear or significant falls. With its sturdy material and sleek design, it’s the perfect accessory to compliment your phone while keeping it protected. It’s a great investment that can save you from costly phone repairs in the future, and with its wide range of stylish colors, you’ll undoubtedly find one that suits your style.

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