Millionaire Son in Legislation Novel Chapter 5210

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Chapter 5210

Maria nodded barely and added: “Charlie disappeared in Aurous Hill, in that case,”

“There are two prospects: one, after he disappeared, he was given a brand new identification,”

“And was made to cover his identification within the second manner you simply talked about;”

“The opposite, he was taken abroad straight after he disappeared, and has been dwelling abroad in anonymity.”

The outdated man stated, “If it’s the first chance, then you should still be capable to discover him within the nation,”

“If it’s the second, I’m afraid will probably be troublesome to seek out him within the nation.”

“It’s not in the best way.” Maria stated with a smile, “Realizing his true identification, I’m already midway there!”

After saying that, she added, “I’m going to search for him at house first,”

“And if I actually can’t discover him, then I’ll go abroad.”

The outdated man requested, “Miss, the place are you going to search for him?”

Maria smiled, “Naturally, I’m going to Aurous Hill, that’s the place he disappeared twenty years in the past,”

“All of the clues should begin from there!”

The outdated man subconsciously stated, “Miss, the Wade household, and the An household additionally began their search from Aurous Hill again then,”

“After turning Aurous Hill the other way up, they searched for a few years all around the world, however by no means discovered him.

Maria stated significantly, “For the reason that Wade household and the An household have searched all around the world from Aurous Hill,”

“And haven’t discovered him, then, in my view, it’s exactly Aurous Hill that has the best chance.”

The outdated man requested her, “Miss, do you need to set a trigram to see for those who can work out his path?”

“I can’t.” Maria shook her head and stated, “I’ve tried, the trigrams present that it’s troublesome to establish the traces,”

“However there’s a trace of a dragon coming into the ocean within the trigrams,”

“I feel it’s as a result of Charlie has skilled some particular encounter,”

“Which has straight elevated his destiny to the true which means of the dragon body. In any case, I cannot calculate.”

The outdated man requested curiously, “There are issues you cannot calculate?”

“Now that we now have his childhood identification data,”

“Do you need to use his start date and eight characters to calculate once more?”

Maria shook her head: “I can’t even calculate his clues with my near-god trigrams, the birthdate is even much less doubtless.”

The outdated man sighed: “Then, as you stated, go to Aurous Hill and check out!”

After saying that, the outdated man requested her once more, “Miss, why don’t I accompany you to Aurous Hill?”

Maria didn’t say no, however solely checked out him and spoke,

“I see that your qi and blood are weak, your well being doesn’t appear to be good?”

“Sure.” The outdated man let loose a bitter smile and stated, “I’m already eighty-eight this 12 months,”

“I’ve diabetes, hypertension, coronary coronary heart illness,”

“I’ve had coronary heart assaults, stents, and bypasses, I had lung most cancers a number of years in the past,”

“I had my left lung reduce out, I additionally had chemotherapy, my physique is clearly not doing properly anymore,”

“The physician stated the opposite day that I’ve signs of kidney failure,”

“I ought to begin doing blood dialysis after some time, however on this situation,”

“I shouldn’t and might’t afford any extra torment, I’ll be glad if I can stay one other two years.”

Maria frowned and requested him, “Can’t you do a kidney transplant?”

The outdated man laughed and stated, “Take a look at my physique, can I nonetheless afford such a giant operation?”

“I assume once I get on the working desk, the brand new lung won’t work earlier than it’s put in.”

“That’s true.” Maria nodded and stated indifferently, “Let me take your pulse.”

The outdated man was shocked by the phrases and requested in a flattered method,

“Miss, I’m afraid this …… just isn’t allowed …… how dare I ask you to take my pulse …… “

Maria waved her hand: “There may be nothing that may’t be achieved.”

With that, she pointed to the armrest of the chair and stated, “Put your hand right here.”

“Thanks, Miss!” The outdated man hurriedly put his left hand on the armrest of the chair,

Maria’s fingers gently moved on his pulse, closed her eyes, and felt for a second,

Then withdrew her hand, sighed, and stated very straight:

“Sorry, though I do know some medication, however might not be profound sufficient,”

“In your case, I’m powerless to make any modifications.”

When the outdated man heard this, he was shocked for a second, then he laughed,

“Miss, there’s no must blame your self, I’m already glad that I’ve lived this lengthy.”

Maria was silent for a second and stated, “Let me inform your fortune,”

“My degree of fortune-telling continues to be significantly better than the extent of medication.”

After saying that, and with out ready for the outdated man’s response, she took out 9 copper cash from her pocket.

Then, she positioned the cash on the espresso desk in entrance of her and,

As earlier than, divided them into three equal rows in a diagonal vogue, grabbed three first, and threw them on the desk.

Instantly, she appeared on the trigram of the copper cash and frowned,

“The trigram reveals that your life is coming to an finish, at most, in half a 12 months.”

“Half a 12 months?” The outdated man’s expression was astonished,

And he froze on the spot as if he had been casted with a fixation spell.

Nevertheless, he rapidly got here again to his senses and let loose a depressing smile:

“Though it’s shorter than I anticipated, however it doesn’t matter,”

“Half a 12 months is sufficient time for me to clarify the preparations after ……”

Maria didn’t communicate, continued to select up the underside left three copper cash,

As soon as once more threw them to the highest of the espresso desk.

This time, her eyebrows had been gently raised and she or he spoke,

“Nevertheless, the present trigram has a silver lining,”

“f you may seize this opportunity of life, you may stay 100 years.”

“100 years of lengthy life?!” The outdated man all of a sudden widened his eyes and blurted out,

“This …… is that this doable? To stay to be 100 years outdated, there are at the very least twelve years left ……”

Maria stated significantly: “The trigrams don’t lie, your life,”

“There are solely two prospects, both, inside six months; or, after 100 years.”

The outdated man stated with some shock, “Miss …… then …… then how do I seize this ray of life?”

Maria as soon as once more grabbed the final three copper cash and threw them on the espresso desk,

Then appeared on the 9 cash on the desktop and frowned.

The outdated man noticed that she appeared grave, and didn’t dare to ask questions, however might solely wait anxiously.

A number of moments later, Maria puzzled stated: “Unusual, this trigram says that your life is surprisingly associated to me,”

“However I actually don’t have any technique to renew your life …… If my father was nonetheless alive,”

“He actually had a manner, however sadly, he had not taught me that sort of talent till he left”

“It…… can also be as a result of I’m not that piece of fabric ……”

The outdated man didn’t know what to be comfortable about right now, in any case,

Even Maria couldn’t perceive the explanation, he had no technique to perceive it.

Presently, Maria grabbed the southernmost coin, pinched it and held it up in entrance of the outdated man, and stated significantly,

“This Yongle Tongbao again three cash, in my trigram represents the start gate,”

“It’s on the southernmost finish of the 9 cash, which implies your start gate is south of Eastcliff.”

“South of Eastcliff ……” the outdated man muttered, confused.

Maria’s eyes all of a sudden lit up and she or he smiled,

“Though I don’t have my father’s abilities, I do know one one who actually does!”

After saying that, she appeared on the outdated man and stated significantly,

“This south of Eastcliff should be Aurous Hill!”

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