What Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate required in UK?

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Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate, as an owner, you’re legally required to make sure that all your properties are a secure living space that your tenants can enjoy. To show that you’re observing standards of safety and health you’ll have to present these certificates prior to the beginning of the tenancy. Make sure your tenants have the best living conditions by following this complete guide.

Certificate of safety for gas:

It is legally required that all landlords have annually a gas security check that includes the examination of the pipes, appliances and vents. This inspection has to be carried out by registered Gas Safe engineer. So your tenants are secured from potential deadly gas leaks. It is recommended to keep a copies of your gas security certificate and provide the certificate for your tenant/s in order to prevent the risk of unlimited fines and/or six months in prison, Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate.

Certificate of electrical safety:

The dangers of electrical energy can result in serious injuries and can cause irreparable damage to home. With this in mind it is essential to have the Electrical Safety Certificate is required to show that the environment in which you live is secure. From exposed wires to damaged appliances, a variety of factors can trigger electric shocks and an arc flash – both which could be fatal. So, all electrical equipment in the home must go through periodic testing to ensure safety use.

Energy Performance Certificate:

A tenant doesn’t want to be in their living space fighting against sub-zero temperatures, experiencing the effects of a home that is draughty. To stop this from happening issue, there was the Energy Performance Certificate was created. Buildings are graded between to (very energy efficient) up to G (inefficient) It will be able to tell you how costly lighting and heating will be, as well as how high CO2 emissions they are expected to be. The EPC is valid for 10 years following it is issued.

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As of April 18, 2018 the minimum EPC “pass” grade was increased between G and E property that fall below this grade are not rentable under the law. However the government is proposing an obligation to EPC C by 2025 , so if there’s a better time to make sure that your buildings are as efficient in energy use as you can, it’s now.


Tenants should be given the contact details of the TDP as well as additional information about the manner in which their deposit is stored, and how they can get the deposit back, and being informed of conditions that could lead to the landlord claiming on the deposit.

Legionella assessment:

Landlords should also be aware of the harmful legionella bacteria that breeds in air conditioning systems. So, you are legally required to make sure that a risk analysis is completed – in compliance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH) by a qualified professional. Any hazards that are identified must be taken care of immediately in order to safeguard the health that your tenant, Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate.

Fire safety:

Protecting a building from the danger of fire is an additional aspect that is crucial to the building’s safety to let. It is crucial that fire doors have been installed in the event of a need, there are ways to escape from the structure, and that smoke and carbon monoxide detector has been fitted on every floor. In addition, furniture in the house must be secure – as proven by test certificates – and fire extinguishers should be readily available for tenants.

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If you’re looking to increase your home’s security Contact one of our staff members now. We are experts in fire protection We can make sure that you’re provided with the most appropriate products for fire safety such as the insulated fire shutters to the hinged steel fire doors to ensure that your tenants are happy.

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