Important Tips for Your Umrah Journey

The word ‘Umrah’ means to visit a populated place. Islamically, Umrah is a minor form of Hajj, an act of worship which lots of Muslims do by going to Makkah and performing the Umrah formalities as performed by our Prophet Muhammad SAW. But its important to follow essential and useful tips for umrah journey. 

Umrah is a non-obligatory form of worship that can be done at any time all around the year excluding the days of Hajj. Millions of Muslims visit Makkah to perform Umrah for the love of their creator, Allah SWT, and to get emotionally attached to Him. To perform Umrah Muslims can avail of Cheap Umrah packages.

The people who are going for Umrah for the first time are generally confused. This is because people generally go from one country to the other. They must take care of most things by using some tips; they can simply do Umrah without having any misunderstanding. If you are going to the Umrah for the first time then given below few tips are for you.

Improve your physical strength:

Umrah is all about Tawaf and visiting holy places. So people must boost their physical strength. With good stamina, people can do Umrah without having health issues. To improve their energy people must eat healthy food and take vitamins.

Get vaccinated before going for Umrah:

In this epidemic time, the vaccine is the first element that people should take care of. So make assured you get all the doses of vaccination previously planning any trip.

Take light Dresses with You for Umrah:

The atmosphere of Saudi Arabia is generally hot so take light dresses with you. It is well to take various clothes with you because clothes can get dirty easily. For Umrah, it is essential to wear clean clothes including Ihram.

Carry essential things with you for UMRAH:

Here is a list of things you must have packed on your trip to MAKAH.

·         Papers that you required is must fill and signed UMRAH visa application form

·         Your passport must be valid.

·         A passport size photo

·         Return trip tickets to Saudi Arabia,

·         Proof of prearranged accommodation

Some other things that you should have with yourself are pocket Quran, Prayer mat, 2 parts of IHRAM, UMRAH guide that comprises a list of Duas, Tasbeeh, A compass for Qibla, waist pouch, comfortable sandals, and other clothing, basic medicine such as Panadol, pons ton, disprine, strepsils, towel, tooth-paste, toothbrush and mouth wash, an umbrella, shampoo, soap fragrance-free, tissues, pair of socks, nail cutter.

Gather all the possible information About Umrah:

Umrah is a holy journey. Before going for Umrah it is essential to collect all the possible information that you can collect. This is because with more information you can handle all the conditions. You can get awareness about Umrah from many Islamic books and authorized Internet sources. Make sure to read all the Dua’s that people read during Tawaf and visit holy places.

Learn How to Wear Ihram:

Men should study how to wear Ihram. You can simply read Ihram-related guides for men on the internet. For well understanding see Ihram videos focused on men.

Few steps before going on a trip to MAKKAH:

1) Perform ablution
2) Perform two Rakat of Salah of guilt
3) Make Dua and seek mercy with humbleness. Honestly make an apology for all main and minor sins committed in the past

In addition, there are various dos and don’ts of Umrah. Make sure to follow all the rules and tips for your Umrah journey to avoid mistakes while performing Umrah. Also, try not to do something that is forbidden in Islam. To perform Umrah Muslims can avail themselves of Umrah package 2024 from the UK with any Hajj umrah travel agents uk.

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