I Discovered Out Why Jamie Lee Curtis Has Been Saying She Invented Instagram

Mark Zuckerberg wants to talk on this.

For years now, Jamie Lee Curtis has claimed she invented Instagram.

And people claims have been effervescent up recently.

A clip of Jamie Lee saying she invented Instagram on a bunch of reveals can also be going viral:

Twitter: @willfulchaos

So, I did just a little search and came upon why she claims this…

“As quickly as iPhones got here out, and we began taking photos, I believed I am a photographer. So, I began one thing known as ‘iphoneys at blogspot.com.'”

“And it was picture sharing. All my associates who had been photographers would ship me the image and I’d add it to my blogspot known as iphoneys.”

“It was earlier than Instagram, and you’ll have a look at it due to the date. It is nonetheless up there!”

“Humorous sufficient, the day that Instagram was introduced they stopped.”

Nicely, that is definitely a narrative.

So, do what you need with this info.

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