How to Use Video Chat API and SDKs For Your Business Growth?

video chat api

Meeting customer expectations is the number one priority for businesses today. And customer demands keep evolving to get real-time support.  

Satisfying customers is a challenge and It is where visual engagement tools play a pivotal role. That’s why many businesses have taken video chat for customer service to engage with customers in real-time. Video APIs and SDKs are used to make conversations lively, and personalized. (And to quickly build one, businesses today are seeking help of video chat API for a scalable, secure, and swift integration of video calling capabilities.)Thus a secure video chat app for customer support facilitates faster responses for enhanced customer satisfaction and brand credibility.

Why Choose for Video Calls When Providing Customer Service? 

Being a popular channel for customer support, video chat usage is continuing to grow quickly.

The reason why customers always vote for video is that they always prefer an in-store, real-life experience online. The term “digital customer experience” refers to this.

Live video chat offers that personal touch and face-to-face contact that helps build brand trust.

Benefits of Video calling:  

  • Boosts online sales
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Improves performance

A video chat eliminates chat abandonment as there is a face-to-face engagement.  

Live web chat sessions last for about ten minutes and video chat sessions are resolved at around a six-minute maximum. 

So video calling improves customer satisfaction rate.  

Now let’s look at how you can set up video chat as your company’s customer service program by looking at how other businesses are doing it.

How do businesses transform customer service using video chat solutions?

Businesses can integrate video calling capabilities using Video Chat API into their systems in a number of ways.

Standalone deployment 

Standalone deployment is a video integration that is implemented into a website’s code. It allows conducting video interactions without the need for additional systems.

This type of implementation is easy because the code can be inserted into a website in just three lines. 

This facility allows businesses to provide video chat API customer service within days. So this makes standalone deployment a preferable one.

For businesses that already have an existing contact center environment deploy on-brand and personalized video interfaces.  

Agents can keep a single view of clients across many channels rather than jumping between various software programmes. It facilitates easy customer support while  using your contact center. 

So, when a customer requests assistance via live chat, they choose interaction to the video instead of options like screen sharing.

How to Utilize Video Chat For Customer Service?

In the section below, let us see how using video chats can turn out to be helpful for the customer service sector.

1. Resolve issues faster 

Businesses can benefit from a video chat for customer service. It helps in identifying the issue and delivering timely solutions, which also reduces the number of touchpoints.

A live video chat platform is suitable to solve complex technical issues that require visual understanding, which is otherwise difficult to explain.  

2. Reduce your customer service costs 

Customers usually hang up if they are not offered an effective solution quickly. Businesses using live video and voice chat can save up to 50% or more on support costs. You can provide immediate support and reduce the number of support tickets, long wait times, multiple touch points, and communication issues. 

 3. Increasing customer satisfaction 

Companies are increasingly using visual engagement  to improve the customer experience. And video chat enables identifying issues faster and reduces the number of touchpoints with contextual solutions.

In this way, live video chat software facilitates real-time resolution to issues that require immediate attention. It helps customers to troubleshoot software that 

 requires professional expertise.  

4.  Deliver higher brand equity

Delivering a positive customer experience is the sole way to improve brand equity and stay competitive.

Businesses that prioritize customer engagement strategies concentrate on increasing brand value. They concentrate in enhancing end-to-end customer experience via interactive communication. It builds trust and brand credibility. 

5. Use video recordings for review purposes. 

Video chat increases team productivity and improves customer service.

It serves as a great way to analyze team performance by recording all voice and video conversations.  

It offers better quality monitoring, allows accessing agent performance, and enables easy team training. It also makes offering personalized support, easy and hassle-free.  

6. Excellent remote technical support

Remote technical support enables remote access using video chat. This makes customer support faster, easier, and affordable. It also allows easy identification of the root cause of an issue and helps offering the right solution promptly.  

7. Improves customer service metrics 

Customers do face complex technical issues that can only be solved using visual communication.  These scenarios cannot be handled through other channels like phone, email or text. In such cases, video chat is the only solution that can offer appropriate and timely assistance. 

Video chat support increases user engagement and improves business metrics. Tracking KPIs helps companies improve their services. And such KPIs are 

  1. FCR (First Contact Resolution): This ensures that you respond to customers in the shortest possible time with a live video chat solution without having to continue the conversation. 
  1. Average Resolution Time (ART): Video chat improves Average Resolution Time. This is the time from the first contact to the resolution of the related issue. If the resolution  is long, you need to work to fix it.

8. Accelerate live customer engagement

Business growth solely depends on customer engagement. Live customer engagement tools like video chat greatly accelerate customer engagement, contributing to significant growth in new and loyal customers.

It enhances the communication between customers and agents. And also improves the ability to connect better with the customer and also facilitates in improving   first-call resolutions.

 Customer service via video call: industry examples

Now that we saw how important video chats can be to businesses, let us see in specific different industrial segments that benefit largely from video chat implementation.

  1. Public Sector Organizations 

Using video for customer service in this sector enables easy accessibility for those that are unable to move out of their homes.

It can also be used by customers who are tied up at home or who cannot make an appointment during working hours.

  1. Healthcare

Healthcare API can offer face-to-face appointments for patients in remote locations. This reduces costs and increases efficiency.

Clients have access to clinical consultations, subject to availability, and medical professionals can provide advice and care to patients at home. 

  1. Financial Services

Financial services are able to offer security-compliant videos and offer guidance to their customers at home. Video chats are useful for full-time workers who have a hard time scheduling appointments with their bank. 

  1. Retailers

Retail businesses use video chat to offer their customers an in-store experience online via virtual shopping.

Customers get to explore their website and video customer support enables advisors to offer face-to-face demos.  

  1.  Real Estate & Car Dealerships 

Real Estate and Auto Dealers Real estate are providing a remote view to their customers. This reduces the amount of travel a customer might otherwise have to take in order to examine the property.   


The benefits of using video communication for customer service are endless. And the possibilities of how a video chat can enhance a business keep expanding day after day. Businesses can benefit big time when they incorporate video-enabled conversations. This builds brand credibility and customer loyalty while increasing new leads and conversions like never before. 

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