How to see Clipboard history on Android?

view clipboard history android

The clipboard is the place where anything you copy on your Android device is pasted and stored for you to use later on. However, you can only see the recent texts or content you have copied and if you wish to know how to see clipboard history then you will get to find it here. 

1. Steps for Watching Clipboard History on Your Android Device

If you are using a Google keyboard on your device, then the steps we have provided below for you are the ones that will lead you to the history of your clipboard. 

Open your keyboard and then you should click on the clipboard icon which you will find next to the Google logo which will launch your Gboard clipboard manager in front of you to view clipboard history Android

Now, to get access to a particular text or clip from the clipboard you should hit on it and then you can paste it into the text box. 

There is a fact you should focus on the texts which are copied on the clipboard are stored in the Gboard for only 1 hour and after the time period of one hour the copied texts will be deleted on their own. 

If you want the text you have copied to stay in the Gboard clipboard you should pin that particular text so that you can use it or access it later on. 

Another thing that you should see is that if the Gboard clipboard feature is turned off then you will not be able to save texts on the clipboard and then use it later on. 

Now, that you know how you can see clipboard history Android you can very easily get to copy any information you need and can make use of it anytime you want. 

2. Use Some third-party Clipboard apps

We want to see our clipboard content after a long time, but when the Gboard removes it after an hour and we forgot to pin that information that limits its uses. 

Whenever a person who is content writer or researcher surfs the phone they see a piece of information that they can use in their work or get some ideas from it, they want to copy that information and place it where it could be stored without making their phone hang or losing their saved information. 

And you know we all are researchers in some other ways.

So considering its importance, here we are providing you one another solution to fulfill your purpose. And this is to use third-party apps.

Let’s talk about some features of the ‘Clipboard Mangers’, they allow you to organize the information in categories, pinning, and favorites. You can save various URLs, and different addresses, and take notes. And you could also look at your history in these applications.

You must give them a try. For your convenience here we are listing some of the best clipboard apps.

  1. Clipt
  2. Clipboard
  3. Copy Text on Screen

Trying both methods will let you know what fits you the best and for what purpose which method needs to be used.

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