How to Pray (funeral) Janazah Prayer?

The Islamic funeral prayer is a component of the Islamic funeral rites. The prayer is conducted within the crowd of relatives and friends to seek pardon for the dead person and all dead Muslims. Muslims have a communal requirement to perform Salat al-Janazah, meaning that if some Muslims take the initiative to do so, the obligation is met by all Muslims; but, if no Muslims perform it, then all Muslims will be held liable. So Muslims must seek how to pray (funeral) Janazah Prayer. In order to visit the Jannah Al baqi you can book Umrah Packages. It is a largest graveyard in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The benefit of attending the funeral of Allah’s friend

One person attended the funeral of Al of Sayyidun, Sar Saqati

In his dream, Sayyidun Sari Saqati appeared to him, and he inquired, “How does Allah treat you?”

Allah has pardoned me along with everyone who attended my burial funeral prayer” He said. The speaker said, ” Sayyidi!” I took part in your funeral also While hearing this, Sayyidun Sari Saqati pulled out a list and checked to see whether his name was on it. However, the name of that individual was not on the list; upon further inspection, he discovered that it had been put in the margin.

(Tarikh Dimashq li Ibn ‘Asakir, vol.20, p.198)

From the above-mentioned true story, you can easily know about the importance and benefits of the Janazah Prayer. One should get proper guidance about how to pray (funeral) Janazah prayer

The followers get pardoned as well

Qasim Bin Munabbi saw Sayyidun Bishrf in a dream after his departure and said, “How does Allah treat you?” In response, he said, “Allah pardoned me and said to me, “O Bishr! I have pardoned you and everyone who came to your burial funeral. I then pleaded “O Rab, pardon all people who love me”.Allah said, “I have pardoned all those who will love you until the Day of Judgment”.

(Reference:Tārīkh Dimashq li Ibn ‘Asākir, vol# 10, p#225)

Muslim should Association with the righteous saints of Allah is a tremendous honor; naming them is a way to get forgiveness; being in their company is a benefit in this life and the next; going to their graves is a remedy for the sickness of sin, and devotion to them ensures victory in the afterlife. We adore the pure Wali, Sayyidun Bishr, O Allah, and we are followers of the righteous saints of Allah. Please pardon us for their sake.

The benefits of offering Janazah prayer will encourage you to perform it but you should perform it correctly only if you get a short course or the right instructor to learn How to pray (funeral) Janazah prayer.

A thief of the coffin:

A shroud thief attended a woman’s funeral and made note of the location of her burial in the cemetery. He excavated the site at night intending to take the shroud.

The fortunate woman suddenly open her eyes and said, “A Maghfr (pardoned) person is taking a Maghfra women’s coffin!”

Here, Allah has forgiven me, and everyone who attended my funeral prayer, and you are also one of the forgiven people. He instantly shut the grave after hearing this and honestly apologized.

Shu’ab-ul-Iman, vol# 7, P# 8, Hadith 9261

May Allah provide them blessings and absolve us!

You can get this privilege by offering the funeral prayer of any pious Muslim but to perform Janazah for the sake of your Magfirah you should properly know How to pray (funeral) Janazah prayer.

Forgiveness among those attending the funeral

Muslim brothers should notice how advantageous attending the funerals of religious people is? Whenever we have the opportunity, or even better, when we attempt to obtain an opportunity, we ought to attend the funeral ceremony of Muslim people. Our attendance at a religious person’s funeral may result in our forgiving one another in the Afterlife. How enormous Allah’s compassion is! He extends pardon to those who live as well. In light of this, Sayyiduna ‘Abdull Bin ‘Abbas said

The Beloved and Blessed Prophet (peace be upon him) is said to have remarked, “The very first recompense granted to the sincere believer upon his passing is that all those involve in his funeral, are pardoned.

Source: (Attarghīb Wattarĥīb, vol. 4, pp. 178, Ḥadīš 13).

We should learn about this beneficial prayer and get complete awareness about How to pray (funeral) Janazah prayer.

First memorial tribute

What is the actual 1st gift given to a sincere Muslim when he reaches his grave, somebody inquired the Prophet (peace be upon him), the owner of Ummah, and the Master of Jannah? The Kind Prophet said, “All those who attended his funeral prayer have been pardoned.

Source: (Shu’ab-ul-Iman, vol# 7, p# 8,Hadis# 9257)

By the above Hadith, you can easily able to explore the grace of funeral prayer. So to make yourself a pardoned candidate on the day of judgment you should pay attention to how to Pray (funeral) Janazah prayer.

What to say when you observe a funeral!

Someone questioned Sayyidun Malik Bin Anas in a nightmare after his departure, “How does Allah treat you?” He used to declare, “I was rewarded with pardon merely because of a sentence, recited by Usman-e-Ghani on seeing the funeral

He is pure (free from all flaws/limitations), Who is immortal, and doesn’t ever dies. Because of this, I also used to say the exact phrase whenever I saw a funeral, and Allah pardoned me for doing so.

Source: Ihya-ul-‘Ulom, vol# 5, p#266

The Glorious Prophet initially performed a funeral prayer?

The memorial funeral Ṣalāĥ was initially begun in the time of Sayyidunā Ādam, angels chanted four ‘Takbīrāt’ in the holy funeral prayer of Sayyidunā Ādam. Sayyid As’ad Bin Zurra was the first companion whose funeral was conducted by the Noble Prophet after he died away at the end of the ninth month after “Hijrat,” when the order for the burial funeral Salah” to become required (Wajib) was disclosed in Islam (peace be upon Him).

(Taken from Fatāwā Razawiyyaĥ, vol# 5, pp#375-376)

Performing Janazah prayer is the Sunnah of our Holy Prophet (peace be upon Him) so you should offer this Sunnah by knowing the rules of How to pray (funeral) Janazah prayer.

The funeral prayer is Fard-e-Kifya.

The funeral prayer is Farz-e-Kifya, meaning that if only one person offered it, everyone would be released from their responsibility; nevertheless, if no one offered it, now everyone who knew about it would be guilty of sin. You can book Hajj and Umrah from any hajj umrah travel agency.

It is not necessary to be in a jam’at (congregation) to perform this Prayer; the Farz will be completed if just one individual does so. The refusal of its Farziyyat (duty) is Kufr. The refusal of its Farziyyat (duty) is Kufr.

By getting a complete informational guide on How to pray (Funeral) Janazah Prayer you can perform this prayer.

Source: Durr-e-Mukhtar, vol. 3, p. 120; Bar-e-Shar’at, vol. 1, p. 825; Alamgir, vol # 1, p. 162.

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