How to Pass CA Intermediate Levels 1 and 2 in One Go?

CA Intermediate

You’re about to take your Intermediate exams; do you fear it? Every student hopes to pass this test because only after that can they apply for an articleship at a business like BIG 4. But it’s not that easy, my friends. You’ll have to work extremely hard. But just working hard isn’t enough; you must also have a good strategy. A poor process could jeopardize your entire effort.

Create an open plan. 

An audit can be effective and successful only if a strong plan supports it. Planning is essential before you start studying, just as it is before you begin preparing. Schedule your study time based on how much you plan to study each day for the exam. Don’t give an hourly timeframe. Create a schedule for how many topics you’ll cover in class, how much time you’ll spend on revision, and how much time you’ll spend reviewing sample test questions.

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Stay away from social media. 

Use of social media before an exam could spell significant disaster for you. At least three months before your exams, uninstall Facebook and What’s App. Do not engage in any video or mobile gaming go to ca institutes. Avoid watching movies while you wait. You can relax your mind by listening to calming music. If friends or family members persistently bother you, it’s also best to turn off your phone and check it only at designated times.

Review Everyday

Make it a habit, my friends, every day to review what you have learned and been taught, both from your studies and from your teachers. Research has shown that reviewing information within 24 hours of discovering it helps you retain it much longer.

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Observe the ICAI Material 

Of course, the books you are mentioning must be top-notch. However, the CA Coaching centre in delhi Material provided by the ICAI is thorough and should not be ignored. I’m not asking you to use study materials, practice materials, RTP, or MTP. 

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Put quality before quantity. 

To finish their assignments quickly and without fully understanding or delving into the topics on their syllabus, some students only skim them. The syllabus is completed education as soon as possible, but they cannot remember even half of it when asked to recall it.

Rest for at least 7 hours.

If you want to study effectively, you should get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. You can reduce this time to 5 hours during the busiest portion of your exams. But for a healthy brain, getting enough sleep is essential. 

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Take breaks frequently.

Don’t sign up for a formal study. After three to four hours, you’ll feel exhausted and need to rest. And if you don’t, you’ll feel sleepy and unable to concentrate while you study. Take brief breaks, like a 15-minute break, after two to three hours of studying. 

limiting your caffeine intake 

Most of us begin to brew more and more coffee or tea to refuel. Latest Education News should not be done in this manner, though. You may feel sicker if you consume more caffeine, and vomiting may occur if you drink too much because your body can’t handle it. 

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