How Is Primary Research Used To Build Upon Existing Knowledge?

Before conducting primary research, it is important to conduct a thorough literature review to understand what research has already been done in the field. Primary vs secondary research help researchers identify gaps, avoid duplicating existing work and develop new ideas and hypotheses.

Importance Of Reviewing Existing Research Before Conducting Primary Research

  1. Understanding The Current State Of Knowledge

Conducting a literature review allows researchers to identify their field’s current state of knowledge. It helps researchers understand what has already been discovered and what questions remain unanswered.

  1. Identifying Research Gaps

Conducting a literature review also helps researchers identify research gaps in areas with limited or no research. Identifying these gaps can help researchers develop research questions and hypotheses that address unanswered questions in the field.

  1. Avoiding Duplication

Conducting a literature review also helps researchers avoid duplicating existing work. It is important because duplicating existing work can waste resources and slow down progress in the field.

  1. Developing New Ideas And Hypotheses

Literature reviews can also help researchers develop new ideas and hypotheses. By analysing previous research findings, researchers can identify patterns and relationships that suggest new areas of inquiry.

Identifying Research Gaps

One of the key roles of primary research is to address unanswered questions in the field by identifying research gaps and developing new knowledge.

  1. Identifying Research Gaps

Primary research is used to identify research gaps by conducting a thorough literature review, as discussed in the previous section. Once a research gap is identified, primary research can be designed to address the gap and develop new knowledge.

  1. Conducting Empirical Research

Primary research typically involves collecting new data through empirical research methods such as experiments, surveys, or observational studies.

Researchers can test hypotheses and develop new insights contributing to the existing knowledge body by collecting new data.

  1. Filling In Knowledge Gaps

Primary research can also fill knowledge gaps by providing new insights into existing theories or phenomena. 

For example, primary research in neuroscience has led to new insights into brain function and has helped to fill in gaps in our understanding of how the brain works.

  1. Advancing The Field

Primary research that addresses research gaps and develops new knowledge can contribute to advancing the field. It can lead to new theories, new applications, and new areas of inquiry that build upon existing knowledge.

Collaborating With Other Researchers

Collaboration among researchers is critical to the research process, particularly in primary research. 

This section by Essays UK will explore how primary research findings are shared and combined to advance knowledge in the field through research collaboration.

  1. Disseminating Research Findings

Disseminating research findings is a critical component of the research process. It includes publishing findings in peer-reviewed journals, presenting findings at conferences, and sharing findings with other researchers in the field. 

  1. Building on Existing Research

Collaboration among researchers can build on existing research by combining findings from different studies to develop new insights and advance existing knowledge. 

  1. Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

Collaboration among researchers from different disciplines can lead to new insights and discoveries by combining knowledge from different fields. 

     4. Advancing Research Techniques

Collaboration among researchers can also lead to the developing new research techniques and methodologies. 

Collaboration among researchers is a critical component. By combining expertise from different fields, researchers can develop new ways of collecting, analysing, and interpreting data.

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