Everything You Need To Know In-Depth About Sildenafil citrate?

sildenafil citrate

A compound called sildenafil citrate is used as a PDE5 inhibitor to treat men’s erectile dysfunction. This medication is available in a number of formats, including liquid, pill, and intravenous. But patients shouldn’t administer intravenous medication without a doctor’s supervision. Both the generic and brand-name versions of this medication are available for purchase. Reputable brands of sildenafil go under the names of Kamagra 100mg amazon and Revatio.

Use Sildenafil Citrate

They experience PDE5 inhibitors’ effects by using a variety of medications, including Fildena, Cenforce, Malegra, Kamagra, etc. The guys who use this active ingredient have more energy and can erection for longer. However, this drug will only work if the patient is ecstatic for sex. The pair may have undisturbed sex for up to 4 hours after taking this medication.

How does sildenafil citrate work in the body?

A difficult time getting an erection is a result of insufficient blood flow in the penis. The penis produces the PDE-5 enzyme, which makes it harder to penetrate by preventing the storage of cyclic guanosine monophosphate and obstructing blood flow in the penis.

Sildenafil citrate, however, inhibits PDE5 and promotes cGMP buildup in the corpus cavernosum. Nitric oxide, also known as the chemical messenger, is therefore produced, aiding in the relaxation of the penis’ muscles. The result is a harsh, protracted erection.

How is take sildenafil citrate?

Patients who choose to use this medication must refrain from excessive alcohol consumption and smoking. You may eat low-fat meals if you wish to take this pill with food rather than on an empty stomach. However, consider taking this medication on an empty stomach for the greatest results.

You must take this medication with enough water and must take it at least 30 to 60 minutes before engaging in foreplay with your spouse. Patients should avoid drinking grapefruit juice since it contains CYP3A4, which metabolizes this medication in the liver.

Dosage Sildenafil citrate

The strength of this medication ranges from 50 mg to 100 mg of sildenafil citrate. Patients are completely unaware of medication adjustments. Medical aid is crucially required for this. Within a 24-hour period, patients are only allowed to take one tablet. Even they must keep taking this medication until the doctor instructs them to stop.

Go to the doctor right away if you ever feel like you accidentally consumed more medication than you intended to in order to cure side symptoms including difficulty breathing, itchiness, infertility, tiredness, and many more.

Patients should consistently take this medication at a set time. But if you ever forget, take it as often as you can. However, make sure you take a missed dosage while you still have time to take a fresh dose. If not, omit the missed dosage and merely take the fresh one. Never take two doses of the same medication to modify the first one.


Patients who use this medication may have mild to severe adverse effects. To address typical or minor side effects including muscular discomfort, stomach ache, vertigo, nosebleeds, or diarrhea, patients do not need to see the doctor. However, it is essential to get medical attention to avoid major side effects including priapism, painful urination, facial and neck swelling, and infertility.

Who cannot take sildenafil citrate?

Women, anyone under the age of 18, and animals should stay away from this medication’s surroundings.

This medication should not be used by those with co-morbid conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disorders like irregular heartbeat and stroke since it might be deadly for them. In addition to these, anyone who have liver, renal, thyroid, or hypertension issues should exercise caution while using it.

Patients must see the doctor right away if they get a painful erection after 4 hours. In the absence of this, patients suffer irreversible impotence due to damage to the tissue of the penis.

This medication shouldn’t be used by those with angular or malformed peni, fibrosis, or blood cell abnormalities such sickle cell anemia or myeloma. They tend to engage in priapism more often.

Avoid using this medication if you have a serious bleeding disease, such as an active or peptic ulcer.

Drug interactions

  • Amlodipine
  • Alpha-blockers like doxazosin, tamsulosin
  • Hepatitis C vaccine
  • Ritonavir, saquinavir
  • Nitroglycerine, nitroprusside

How to store it?

This medication has to be kept in a frigid, spotless, and dark location. Once its original packaging has been opened, store it in an airtight container at a temperature below 30 degrees Celsius.

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