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Chapter 4344

Preventing with a junior, however suffered an obstacle.

Undoubtedly, the King of Fighters couldn’t maintain again his face.

“Evidently Fenghou has discovered a gifted disciple.”

“In that case, then I, the Juggernaut, can even come to ask for recommendation from Feng Hou’s disciple.”

The Juggernaut’s previous eyes additionally narrowed at this second.

For them, immediately’s venue, it doesn’t matter what, should be discovered.

In any other case, within the scorching summer time of martial arts sooner or later, there can be no room for the three of them to speak.

Don’t you actually wish to respect this junior because the grasp?

Nonetheless, simply when the sword grasp was about to unleash his sword, Ye Qingtian stopped him.

“That’s all.”

“The waves behind the Yangtze River drive the waves forward.”

“It’s time for us previous guys to step down.”

“Okay, Empress Feng, as you want.”

“I, Ye Qingtian, abdicate voluntarily.”

“After immediately, I wish to enshrine your disciple Chen Jiuzhou because the Lord of the Martial God Corridor.”

Ye Qingtian stated in a deep voice.

The King of Fighters and Juggernaut on the facet turned anxious once they heard the phrases!

“Lao Ye, no!”

“You’re the pillar of the nation, how will you abdicate?”

“In addition to, this junior is simply too younger, how can he tackle the duty of the nation?”

The King of Fighters and the Juggernaut urged anxiously.

However Ye Qingtian appeared to have made up his thoughts. Regardless of how a lot Ren and King of Fighters persuaded one another, they didn’t change their minds.

Even the God of Warfare admitted that the King of Fighters and the Juggernaut had no selection however to simply accept the truth that the Temple of Valkyrie had modified fingers, and the truth that Chen Jiuzhou was the top of the Temple of Valkyrie.

After leaving Yanshan Corridor, the King of Fighters discovered Ye Qingtian.

“Lao Ye, what on earth are you pondering?”

“How will you be so reckless and entrust the vital process of the nation to younger folks?”

“Merely confused!”

The King of Fighters angrily accused.

The Juggernaut was additionally extraordinarily puzzled.

Solely Ye Qingtian appeared relaxed.

Standing on the highest of Yanshan Mountain, he can see the clouds and rosy clouds within the distance, and the pine forest is vague.

“Gucheng, Lao Xiao, it has been a long time since we constructed this Martial God Palace.”

“On this place, we’ve got sat lengthy sufficient.”

“It’s time for younger folks to sit down down.” Ye Qingtian stood along with his fingers behind his again and smiled faintly.

“The grasp of the Martial God Palace is the chief of the nation’s martial arts. Is it baby’s play?”

“Then Chen Jiuzhou, at first look, appears like a toddler with a yellow mouth, what sort of duty can he tackle?” The King of Fighters stated angrily.

“What about Mark?” God of Warfare requested out of the blue.

“Didn’t you say the identical after I really useful Mark to enter the Martial God Palace?”

“However what occurred?”

“Within the Battle of Truman, all of the heroes on the planet have been defeated. Those that died, those that have been injured, all escaped.”

“Even our Martial God Corridor was trampled down by Truman!”

“It was Mark who supported Yan Xia’s final spine.”

“He created a miracle that neither you nor I can do!”

“He has achieved feats that nobody on the planet can do.”

“He’s additionally a younger junior, and he has no {qualifications}, however what he has finished is much better than us.”

The vanity of the King of Fighters and the Juggernaut out of the blue weakened so much.

However the Juggernaut nonetheless whispered, “What number of monsters like Mark can exist in 100 years?”

“Mark might be able to be alone, however this Chen Jiuzhou might be far inferior to Mark.”

Ye Qingtian shook his head.

“You noticed it simply now.”

“Though the King of Fighters is injured, his punch simply now could be at the very least 70% as highly effective as when he was at his peak.”

“Nonetheless, Chen Jiuzhou was in a position to withstand the King of Fighters’ punch with none harm.”

“With such a talent, I’m afraid that even you and I can’t match it.”

“His expertise could be very more likely to be akin to Mark.”

The King of Fighters was silent.

The Juggernaut was additionally silent.

Though they didn’t wish to admit it, what Ye Qingtian stated was certainly affordable.

“Sword Grasp, Lao Mo, this world belongs to younger folks in spite of everything.”

“I believe it’s time handy over the nation to them and allow them to flex their muscle tissues.”

“Perhaps, in a short while, we can have one other Brian Chu in Yanxia.”

“This time, it’s Brian Chu who belongs to our Martial God Corridor.” Ye Qingtian was filled with expectations.

Though Mark could be very sturdy, he’s outdoors the system in spite of everything, and has his personal college. It isn’t the institution of the Temple of Valkyrie, not to mention utilized by the Temple of Valkyrie.

However Chen Jiuzhou is totally different. He’s a robust man of the Martial God Corridor with Zheng Miaohong, and he can signify Yanxia’s orthodox martial arts to the surface world.

Chapter 4345

Scorching summer time, the highest of Yanshan Mountain.

On today, the flags have been fluttering, and the gongs and drums have been loud.

The fiery purple carpet extends from the foot of the mountain to the highest of Yanshan Mountain.

A whole bunch of hostesses with excellent appears, carrying cheongsams, stood on the facet of the mountain street, welcoming the martial arts specialists, celebrities and dignitaries who got here from afar.

After experiencing the disaster of Chumen, Yanshan undoubtedly ushered in a brand new life immediately.

The complete land of Yanshan has glowed with a model new vitality.

“Ha ha”

“Brother Yang is nice.”

“If one survives, there can be future fortunes.”


“It’s nonetheless because of the Wushuang title, Brian Chu.”

“If it wasn’t for Brian Chu’s final second, he turned the tide.”

“Our scorching summer time martial arts are at risk”

On the way in which to Yanshan, the soldiers from all walks of life in Yanxia Martial Arts have been smiling and chatting fortunately.

Of their view, Haojie has handed away.

The chaotic and war-torn world of martial arts has lastly ushered in a long-lasting peace.

Shouldn’t this be enjoyable?

Shouldn’t he be completely satisfied to have survived the Truman disaster and the siege of the god-level powerhouses?

Furthermore, Feng Hou, one of many titles of the Yanxia Zhu Kingdom who had been lacking for many years, returned to Yanxia, shouldn’t it’s celebrated?

It was with this sort of joyful temper that the surviving warriors from the foremost provinces in Yanxia gathered in Yanshan immediately beneath the order of the Martial God Temple.

“What do you suppose will occur when the God of Warfare summons us immediately?”

“Does this nonetheless have to be stated?”

“The return after the wind is a good pleasure for our Yanxia Martial Arts.”

“Naturally, we’ll maintain a banquet to have fun, and welcome Fenghou to return!”

“It’s stated that the present Empress Feng is extraordinarily highly effective.”

“A number of days in the past, Feng Hou went to Western Europe, and along with these previous monsters from overseas, he slashed the sky by the Seine River!”

“Afterwards, the Wu’an Society launched the checklist of gods.”

“Our scorching summer time, there is just one particular person on this checklist!”

“That’s, Queen of the Wind, Mu Zihua!”

On the way in which, everybody talked about it.

What they have been speaking about was one thing about Fenghou Mu Zihua.

Though, Mu Zihua had simply returned for only some days.

Nonetheless, in just some days, Feng Hou undoubtedly stole the limelight.

First, he went to Western Europe, and along with Asura, Odin and others, beheaded Chu Tianqi and saved tens of millions of residents in Paris.

Afterwards, Wu’an will open a brand new god checklist on the highest of the heaven checklist to commemorate these elders who’ve stepped ahead.

Data peerless powerhouses whose energy is akin to that of the gods.

This checklist solely included 5 folks from all around the world.

In the complete scorching summer time land, the one finalist was Mu Zihua.

It may be stated that when it comes to worldwide standing, Mu Zihua, the queen of the wind, appears to have surpassed Ye Qingtian, the god of battle.

Nonetheless, some folks have a special view.

“I believe there needs to be one other goal for immediately’s banquet.”

“Now that the Martial God Temple is being rebuilt, the martial artwork of Yanxia is ready to be revived.”

“Additionally, in immediately’s scorching summer time, along with the Martial God Corridor, there may be additionally a Dragon Temple.”

“Along with the sturdy man from the Zhu Kingdom, there may be additionally Brian Chu.”

“You say, sooner or later, it is going to be the Dragon God Palace or the Martial God Palace that can signify my Yan Xia martial arts?”

“My Yan Xia’s martial arts chief, is it Wuzhu Kingdom or Brian Chu?”

“One mountain can not have two tigers, and one nation can not have two masters”

Among the many crowd, an previous man stated in a deep voice.


“Proper now, Yanxia’s martial arts construction is a bit complicated.”

Many individuals nodded in settlement.

Now the home martial arts scenario in Yanxia might be described as plain and complicated.

Even these of them who’ve survived numerous catastrophes can’t see the scenario clearly.

Earlier than, after Mark tried his greatest to show the tide and lead the Dragon Temple to win the protection of Yunding Mountain, Yanxia Martial Dao as soon as thought that the following Yanxia can be honored by Brian Chu.

The orthodox consultant of Yanxia martial arts can even get replaced by the Dragon Temple.

Nonetheless, the following improvement is undoubtedly past everybody’s expectations.

First, the Wumeng launched a public campaign in opposition to the Dragon Temple, after which the Wu’an Affiliation declared the Dragon Temple an unlawful group and demanded its dissolution.

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