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Chapter 4342

Nonetheless, he by no means thought that presently at present, this robust man who was alleged to have been useless for 100 years would seem once more.

When Jerry was shocked, related scenes have been staged in lots of locations world wide.

The good Siberian wilderness in Soviet Russia, the depths of the Yanshan Mountains in scorching summer season, the Sahara desert in Africa, and the mass graves in America

One after one other, unusual stone gates all of a sudden appeared as if that they had been agreed upon.

Furthermore, the elders who ought to have disappeared within the lengthy river of historical past walked out of the stone gate like zombies.

Odin, the primary god of Western Europe, Ymir, the enormous of Africa, Asura, the god of dying in Soviet Russia, and Mu Zihua, the fifth pillar nation powerhouse who has disappeared for a few years in Yanxia.

These individuals are outdated monsters who’ve been well-known for a very long time.

Like the primary god Odin, the god of dying Asura, and so on., are all immortal myths of their time.

In entrance of those outdated monsters, Ye Qingtian and Ya Lun, who’ve dominated the martial arts world for many years, are simply kids.

After Asura and others walked out of the stone gate, they rushed to Western Europe to take care of Chu Tianqi along with Odin.

Ultimately, beneath the joint efforts of those robust males, Chu Tianqi was defeated and killed by the Seine River.

When this information got here out, it may be mentioned that the entire world was shocked!

Your entire martial arts world was straight blown up.

“Oh my God!”

“Odin remains to be alive?”

“He should be virtually 200 years outdated?”

“The god of dying, Asura, remains to be there?”

“My grandfather grew up listening to the legend of Asura!”

“It’s a large number!”

“It’s all tousled.”

“What the hell is occurring on this world?”

“These outdated monsters, who ought to have been useless for a very long time, all of a sudden popped up?”

Within the martial artist discussion board, many individuals have been trembling.

Nonetheless, there are additionally people who find themselves rejoicing and rejoicing.

“That is God bless my martial arts world!”

“Luckily, Odin and the others are nonetheless alive.”

“In any other case, this earth is not going to be devastated?”

“The martial arts of all international locations should be slaughtered by Chu Tianqi, proper?”


“Earlier than Western European Martial Arts have been brutally massacred by the Chu Clan, and their Martial Dao power was in a droop.”

“Now Grandmaster Odin has reappeared on the earth.”

“Sooner or later, who else can we concern in Western European martial arts?”

“A brand new period within the martial arts world has arrived!”

There are discussions and joys like this all over the place.

Though the looks of Odin and others made the world tremble.

However the comeback of the elders remains to be gratifying to the world.

In spite of everything, the better the variety of high powerhouses, the better it’s to kind checks and balances amongst one another.

Solely on this approach can the martial arts world have lasting peace.

Scorching summer season, Yanshan Nice Corridor.

After the Truman disaster ended, Yan Xia rebuilt the Martial God Corridor on the previous website of Yanshan Mountain.

And, so as to categorical my reminiscence to Tang Hao and my gratitude to Mark.

In entrance of the Valkyrie Temple, two statues have been erected.

One is Tang Hao, and the opposite is Mark.

Immediately, on the Chumen Mountain, there are lights and festoons, a festive scene.

It’s simply because the fifth Zhu Kingdom powerhouse who disappeared for many years, Mu Zihua after the wind, reappeared on the earth.


“Zihua, it’s nice to see you once more.”

“The Juggernaut and I believed that one thing surprising occurred to you.”

On the highest of Yanshan Mountain, the God of Warfare, the Sword Grasp and others greeted one another with smiles and clasped fists.

In entrance of them, there was solely a girl carrying a phoenix hair decoration and a purple gown.

His face is expressionless, his brows and eyes are stuffed with energy.

Alongside the brand-new pink carpet, we walked to the highest of Yanshan Mountain.

And there was a younger man strolling with Mu Zihua after the wind.

He was about the identical age as Mark, with a good-looking face, star eyebrows and sword eyes.

Mu Zihua took the hand of this good-looking man and went to the Martial God Corridor collectively.

“Zihua, who is that this younger man?”

Ye Qingtian had seen the person subsequent to Mu Zihua a very long time in the past, and he was puzzled.

However Fenghou didn’t reply.

As an alternative, he requested Ye Qingtian and others coldly, “Who’s in cost of the present Yanxia Martial God Palace?”

Ye Qingtian, the Juggernaut, and the King of Fighters have been all bowled over.

Clearly, they didn’t anticipate that Fenghou’s first phrases after returning to Yanshan can be to ask this.

“Lao Ye turned well-known the earliest, has the strongest power, and has the best status in Yanxia Martial Arts.”

“The true head of the Valkyrie Temple is of course Lao Ye.” The Sword Grasp replied.

Feng Hou glanced at Ye Qingtian, and mentioned coldly, “Then at present, let him abdicate.”

“To any extent further, my disciple Chen Jiuzhou will take over the place of Lord of Yan Xia Martial God Corridor!”

“You guys, all respect him because the Lord.”

The proud voice after the wind reverberates for a very long time.

Then, beneath the trembling eyes of Ye Qingtian and others, Feng Hou pushed her disciple to the best place within the Temple of Valkyrie!

Chapter 4343


“Mu Zihua, have you learnt what idiots you’re speaking about?”

Feng Hou’s phrases shocked everybody within the corridor.

The King of Fighters even went up in opposition to the crime, shouting angrily.

I believed that the outdated associates of a few years would meet once more, however they obtained collectively fortunately.

Nonetheless, the King of Fighters by no means imagined that the very first thing this queen got here again was to grab energy.

What was a comrade-in-arms relationship is now solely left with lust for revenue.

Such actions naturally made the King of Fighters offended, and in addition made the Juggernaut and the others really feel chilly.


“My disciple Chen Jiuzhou is in control of the Martial God Palace, commanding Yan Xia Martial Dao, are you not satisfied?”

Feng Hou frowned, and his phrases have been a bit of extra chilly.

“Mu Zihua!”

“Watch your phrases and deeds!”

“Are you speaking to us with such an angle?”

The King of Fighters turned much more offended. Mu Zihua’s angle made him not bounce, he solely felt that his dignity had been trampled on.

The Juggernaut shortly interjected, “Zihua, I can perceive your emotions.”

“In spite of everything, everybody hopes that their disciples can develop into dragons and skills.”

“However Kyushu is just too younger in any case, and it’s not the time for him to face alone.”

“In just a few years, Lao Ye and we are going to all get outdated, so we are going to retreat to the second line.”

“At the moment, it is going to be the time for Wuya and Jiuzhou to actually shine.”

“It’s too early to say this now.”

“In just a few years.”

Now that Yanxia Martial Arts has simply encountered a disaster, it’s time to unite.

In any case, Juggernaut nonetheless doesn’t need all of them, as a result of this type of factor will trigger conflicts.

“No want.”

“Simply now.”

“On the earth of martial arts, the robust are revered.”

“If you’re not robust sufficient, you must abdicate to make approach for the virtuous.”

“In any other case, you’ll be humiliating your self.” After the wind, Mu Zihua was as chilly as ice, however he didn’t give anybody face in any respect.

Ye Qingtian couldn’t assist being barely surprised.

He all of a sudden felt that the wind in entrance of him had develop into unusual.

She was not the little lady who chased after him and known as him Brother Xiaotian.

It’s not the pistachio of Valkyrie Temple with a brilliant smile, quirky spirit, and love.

Does time actually have such a magic energy?

It really made an individual fully unrecognizable.



“How dare you say that to Lao Ye?”

“Have you ever forgotten, who did you owe your cultivation to?”

“Again then, if Lao Ye hadn’t ordered it for you, how might you will have entered the Title Realm, and the way might you will have been ranked within the Martial God Corridor?”

“I didn’t anticipate that you just lady would develop into so imply and ungrateful after seeing you for greater than ten years!”

The King of Fighters was livid, and felt that Mu Zihua was going too far.

In keeping with the rating of the 5 pillar international locations in Yanxia, Mu Zihua’s rating is undoubtedly the bottom.

However now, Fenghou is so boastful that even the God of Warfare is ignored, not to mention the King of Fighters and the Sword Grasp.

“it’s good!”

“Because you mentioned power is an important factor, proper?”

“Then at present, I’ll strive, you disciple, do you will have the power to climb to the highest of the Martial God Corridor!”

The King of Fighters shouted angrily, after which threw a heavy punch at Chen Jiuzhou who was sitting on the excessive seat, angrily smashing it down.


A robust and heavy punch landed firmly on Chen Jiuzhou’s physique.

Nonetheless, Chen Jiuzhou’s determine was as immobile as a mountain.


The King of Fighters was startled for a second, his pupils constricted.

Instantly afterwards, a burst of power was launched from Chen Jiuzhou’s physique.

The King of Fighters snorted, as if he had been hit laborious.

The entire particular person was instantly blown out!

Step on the bottom and take dozens of steps again.

Ultimately, he even smashed the doorways and home windows of the Martial God Corridor, solely then did he cease his retreating determine.

“Gucheng, are you alright?”

Each Juggernaut and Ye Qingtian have been startled, and instantly stepped ahead to assist.

“Uncle Mo, I’ve accepted it.” Sitting excessive, Chen Jiuzhou clasped his fists and smiled.

Undoubtedly, the King of Fighters felt a bit of embarrassed, his outdated face flushed very pink.

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