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Chapter 4330

“What bike would you like?”

The person kicked the woman far-off, after which took away the jade pendant hanging from the little woman’s neck.

The same scene was taking place in nearly all the Trumen Mountain right now.

To start with, warriors from varied international locations simply looked for the treasures left by the Dragon Temple, however later, they went on to the Tang and Chu households to rob them.

Tang Xian, the previous Grand Elder of the Chu Clan, is now severely in poor health.

He was supported by somebody and staggered out of the room.

He stood in entrance of the door, wanting on the warriors from varied international locations within the household who took benefit of it, and noticed that the previous Tang household manor had been diminished to a spot of chaos and ruins.

This previous martial artist who had been within the martial arts world for many years couldn’t assist laughing sadly.

“These dignified fighters, underneath the banner of doing justice for the heavens, and within the identify of upholding justice, what they do are all robbers.”

“Is that this the Martial Arts League that claims to symbolize the entire world?”

Tang Xianyou’s phrases have been filled with ridicule and sarcasm.

Consider them as Truman, though they’ve introduced a number of killings and disasters to this world.

Nonetheless, in any struggle, their Trumen have been upright and received by power.

It’s not like these self-proclaimed members of the Wumeng League, however they do all types of despicable issues like profiting from others’ hazard and robbing them by drive.

Folks on the planet solely say that the Trumen are sinful, however on this world, any sturdy man who stands on the prime has blood and killing on his palms.

Typically there isn’t any clear distinction between good and evil.

Everyone seems to be doing it for their very own profit.

The robbing of Trumen Mountain lasted for seven days.

After seven days, everybody withdrew.

The Tru Clan headquarters, which was incomparably sensible prior to now, now solely stays desolate and desolate.

With the autumn of Truman, the whereabouts of the Dragon Temple are unknown.

Up to now, the worldwide martial artwork has undoubtedly entered a brand new period.

For 1000’s of years, the martial arts sample of 1 tremendous and lots of sturdy within the martial arts world has utterly modified.

A brand new martial arts sample urgently must be created.

The brand new martial arts order additionally urgently must be rebuilt.

Underneath such circumstances, the World Martial Artists Alliance determined to ascertain the Martial Artists Safety Council, known as the Martial Arts Council. Liable for dealing with martial arts disputes between masters and above and between international locations, and sustaining peace in martial arts.

After all, one other objective is to verify and steadiness the sect forces within the martial arts world, and stop superpowers like Truman from reappearing once more.

A complete of seven martial arts powers from everywhere in the world have been invited to take part within the institution of the Martial Arts Membership.

Sizzling summer season, India, England, Soviet Russia, France, Germany, Japan.

The martial arts leaders of the seven main international locations all went to the Kremlin in Soviet Russia on December twelfth to debate particular issues. December 12.

On this present day, the solar is quiet and the sky is evident.

Within the capitals of the seven main international locations, a particular aircraft took off, escorted by fighter planes, and so they all went to the Kremlin to attend the assembly.

For the worldwide martial arts neighborhood, this can be a historic day.

The seven giants, after a few years, are all giants!

Ye Qingtian within the sizzling summer season, King Floro of India, Sword Grasp of Japan, and Emperor Aaron and Lord Carlo.

These are all titled powerhouses who’ve been well-known for a very long time.

After all, everybody can also be an previous acquaintance who has performed in opposition to one another many occasions.

So, after the assembly, a brief memory concerning the previous days, after which we began to get right down to enterprise!

“Everybody, Truman has fallen.”

“The sword that rests on the pinnacle of the martial arts of our international locations has utterly fallen.”

“Nonetheless, whereas we’re excited, we should always be taught from the previous historical past.”

“That’s, if the martial arts world needs long-term peace, it should set up a verify and steadiness mechanism. Particularly the verify and steadiness of the martial arts households and sect forces!”

“I recommend that beginning as we speak, all martial arts sects with greater than 100 members needs to be banned instantly around the globe.”

“Strictly restrict the dimensions and growth of the Zongmen’s affect, and stop the subsequent Truman from showing!”

On the spherical desk, Aaron steered.

Carlo and others agreed.

However King Foluo and Ye Qingtian have been silent.

“What concerning the Dragon Temple?”

“If the Dragon God Temple reappears on the planet sooner or later, additionally, you will ban him?”

“Do you assume that individual will agree?” King Foluo checked out everybody.

Ye Qingtian additionally has this concern.

“Hmph, that is the frequent will of the folks of the world, how can it’s his desire?” Jerry mentioned angrily.

“I recommend that after the assembly, the decision of the assembly needs to be introduced to the world instantly.”

“Anybody who disobeys the decision is in opposition to the Wumeng, in opposition to the entire world, in opposition to humanity!”

“At the moment, our Wu’an Affiliation has the correct to make use of all means to implement it.”

Chapter 4331

“I don’t imagine it anymore, so Brian Chu is admittedly so highly effective? We are able to’t subdue him if we collect the martial arts energy from everywhere in the world?”

“What’s extra, along with martial arts energy, we will additionally use technological weapons.”

“Irrespective of how sturdy the title is, you’re afraid of nuclear bombs, proper?”

Jerry and the others are decided to dismember the Dragon Temple.

Briefly, such a one-person dictatorial superpower must not ever be left alone.

For official establishments just like the Buddha Palace and the Martial Palace, the interior energy is restricted.

Even Ye Qingtian is totally unable to regulate the exterior actions of the Martial God Temple at will.

However the sects reminiscent of Dragon Temple and Truman have totally different forces.

Contained in the sect, there’s a system nearly one-man dictatorship.

It’s okay if this sort of energy will not be large.

However as soon as it turns into larger and stronger, it should undoubtedly be a deadly and unstable issue for the worldwide martial arts.

What’s extra, the proprietor of the Dragon Temple continues to be a ruthless individual like Mark.

Due to this fact, the martial arts of all international locations are frightened that when Mark regains his power sooner or later, he’ll return to the Truman highway.

Now they arrange the Wu’an Affiliation, the most important objective is definitely to cope with Mark.

Everyone seems to be effectively conscious of this matter.

Together with Ye Qingtian and King Fuluo.

Though neither of them wished to have a direct battle with Mark, most members of the Wu’an Affiliation agreed with this suggestion.

Ye Qingtian and the others couldn’t say something.

“I feel the wording might be as light as potential.”

“Don’t provoke Mark.”

“As for the long run, we’ll negotiate nose to nose with Mark after we meet.”

“My opinion is, attempt to resolve this matter peacefully.”

Since this announcement have to be made.

Ye Qingtian considered a compromise, suggesting that when drafting a decision, Mark and the Dragon Temple shouldn’t be angered.

King Flo nodded, “God of Warfare is a good suggestion.”

“Do your finest to keep away from direct battle with the Dragon Temple.”

“Brian Chu is a ruthless individual!”

“I made him anxious. I’m afraid none of us right here will survive.”

King Fu Luo clearly remembered the worry that was dominated by Mark earlier than.

Though Jerry’s suggestion may be very cheap, besides, King Flora continues to be unwilling to face in opposition to Mark.

Like Ye Qingtian, he hopes to resolve the specter of the Dragon Temple peacefully.

In the long run, the Wu’an Society listened to the strategies of King Fo Luo and Ye Qingtian, and when drafting the decision, the wording and language have been comparatively light.

On the night get together that day, after the decision was deliberated and handed, it was introduced to the world by way of main media channels.

“To be able to preserve the lasting peace of the world martial arts world, and to forestall the tragedy of going out from taking place once more, the seven everlasting members of the World Martial Arts Safety Council collectively suggest”

“I sincerely hope that civil organizations reminiscent of martial arts sects and forces with greater than 100 folks on the planet which have titled masters in cost needs to be disbanded instantly.”

“And it’s strictly forbidden to be named a grasp and maintain any place in any folks sectarian group!”

“Might the masters of all sects take the world as their accountability and maintain the general scenario”

“Because the saying goes, the highway is for the general public.”

“Every little thing, for all mankind. Every little thing, for the peace of the martial arts world”

“Those that don’t adjust to this initiative might be thought to be an open provocation to the worldwide martial arts. Please bear all the implications at your personal danger.”

As soon as this announcement was introduced, it undoubtedly triggered an uproar within the martial arts world.

“I am going!”

“Wu Anhui is admittedly fierce.”

“As quickly because it was established, it pointed straight on the Dragon Temple!”

“Now, I’m afraid there will probably be pleasure to observe.”

“With Brian Chu’s temperament, I’m afraid he received’t take Wu’an Society severely.”

“It received’t be lengthy, I’m afraid this martial arts world will set off one other large battle.”

In each nook of the world the place warriors refused, and even on warrior boards, discussions about this announcement have been nearly in all places.

We aren’t fools.

Though this announcement didn’t point out names, it was clearly aimed on the Dragon Temple.

In spite of everything, wanting around the globe, there are solely a handful of Titled Grandmasters.

Furthermore, the one titles are principally all listed in official establishments.

It may be mentioned that there are only a few folks like Mark who didn’t be a part of the official martial arts group of their nation, however established their very own sect and based the Dragon Temple.

What’s extra, the dimensions of the Dragon God Temple has 1000’s of individuals.

Any idiot can see that Wu’an will stop the Dragon Temple from turning into the subsequent Truman, and simply made the choice to dismember the Dragon Temple.

Nonetheless, historical past has confirmed numerous occasions that the handover of energy requires bloodshed.

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