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Chapter 4328


“What a coward!”

“Being scolded by Grandmaster Jerry, I didn’t even dare to fart, so I ran away with my tail between my legs.”

“This subsequent era of Yanxia Martial Arts is definitely such a waste.”

Amidst the ridicule and laughter, everybody dispersed one after one other.

The subsequent day, when the primary ray of morning gentle rose, numerous passenger planes took off one after one other all over the world.

The place the sting is directed, it’s the Trumen Mountain on the east coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Carlo and the others waited right here early, till the night, warriors from greater than 180 international locations all over the world, all gathered right here, greater than a thousand individuals.

“Everybody, how lengthy has it been?”

“Because the institution of our World Martial Arts League, at present is the primary time that there’s such a large-scale joint motion!”

“We must be happy with this, as a result of we are going to witness historical past!”

“After at present, what we have now performed will likely be written into the historical past textbook of martial arts improvement.”

“Okay, that’s all for now.”

“Everybody, observe me, step on Chumen Mountain, seize and kill Brian Chu!”

“It’s time to remove demons and defend the way in which!”

Following Lord Carlo’s phrases, the ambiance right here exploded like a pot of boiling water.

Abruptly, the mountains and plains had been stuffed with shouts to do justice for the sky and seize and kill Brian Chu.

The tsunami-like phrases had been like a storm within the ocean, sweeping the complete world.

Similar to that, Carlo and others entered Trumen Mountain easily with out encountering the slightest resistance, and even the gatekeepers didn’t see it.

At first, everybody didn’t care.

I simply thought that the members of the Dragon Temple had been scared away by their majestic energy and hid on the mountain.

Nevertheless, when everybody rushed to the highest of Chumen Mountain, they discovered that every one the halls had been empty.

“Rattling it, the place’s the particular person?”

Wangyuehe was stuffed with strangeness.

Carlo, Jerry and the others additionally had a nasty premonition of their hearts.

“Let’s go to Truman’s Treasure Pavilion!”

Lord Carlo yelled, after which the military of the Wumeng regarded on the Treasure Pavilion in a mighty method.

Nevertheless, to everybody’s disappointment, there’s nonetheless nobody within the Treasure Pavilion, and even all of the treasures in it have been emptied, leaving just a few items in twos and threes left on the cabinets.

“What the hell is happening right here?”‘

“The place’s Brian Chu?”

Jerry was livid and howled.

Presently, somebody from his subordinates got here to report that there have been individuals within the Chu household manor.

“Let’s go to Chu’s home!”

Carlo and others adopted the gang to the Chu Household Manor.

Presently, an outdated man got here out from the Chu household, “Guys, why are you visiting my Chu household?”

“Cease speaking nonsense, the place is Chutian Mortal? Let him come out and die!” Jerry demanded angrily.

The outdated man smiled, “It seems that he got here to search for my Patriarch. My Patriarch actually is aware of all the things effectively.”

“To inform you the reality, my Patriarch already predicted that you’d come again a day in the past. Subsequently, the Patriarch has already led individuals out of Trumen Mountain.”


“You imply Brian Chu ran away?” Jerry and the others had been shocked.

They needed to shock them, however unexpectedly, they took a step slower and walked behind Mark.

“What about others?”

“The place did you go?”

Carlo requested with a frown.

They clearly didn’t intend to let Mark go identical to that.

In spite of everything, as soon as Mark recovers from his harm and returns to his peak, they are going to be at risk.

A minimum of, within the presence, nobody will be assured that they’ll cease Mark’s revenge.

“Do you assume our Patriarch will inform me his whereabouts?”

“In addition to, even when I inform you, I received’t inform you.” The outdated man smiled flippantly.

“Smelly outdated man, are you courting dying?!” Jerry was livid and needed to strike.

Carlo stopped Jerry and regarded on the outdated man in entrance of him.

“Mister, though Brian Chu has escaped, your Chu household remains to be right here.”

“In the event you don’t cooperate, you received’t be afraid of bringing catastrophe to your individuals?”

“For therefore a few years, your Chu household has been in command of the Trumen, and what number of killings have been dedicated.”

“Though the Tru Clan has collapsed now, I’m afraid it’s not injustice to place this debt in your Chu Clan’s head, proper?”

Chapter 4329

Dealing with Carlo’s risk, the outdated man all of a sudden smiled.


“Are you threatening me?”

“To inform you the reality, those that are grasping for all times and afraid of dying have already left with Patriarch Chu, and people who are nonetheless right here right now will not be afraid of dying.”

“Life and dying.”

“My Chu household’s basis has been established for generations, nevertheless it was minimize off in our era.”

“We, the members of the Chu clan, have lengthy been speechless to see the ancestors of Yunyang, and have lengthy considered dying.”

“If you wish to kill or minimize, it’s as much as you.”

The outdated man spoke calmly, as if there was no distinction between life and dying in his eyes.


The outdated man’s reply is little doubt that the offended Jerry and others are critical.

“This outdated factor, is it damaged?!”

“In that case, then as you would like.”

“In the present day, the martial arts of our nations will kill all of you Chu clan!”

Jerry snorted coldly, and instantly ordered the slaughter.

Nevertheless, Aaron and Carlo, who clearly had scruples, stopped Jerry’s loopy conduct.

“Carol, Aaron, what are you two stopping me for?”

“The Chu household and the Chu household are one.”

“The crimes dedicated by the Trumen also needs to be borne by the Chu household!”

“They should be blamed!”

Jerry’s large knife is already hungry and thirsty.

“Jerry, overlook it.”

“Those left by the Chu household are most likely outdated, weak, sick, and disabled. Killing them is of no use, and will trigger hatred as an alternative.”

“Don’t overlook, Brian Chu remains to be alive.”

“As soon as we wipe out the Chu household, we and Brian Chu will actually have an limitless grievance,” Aaron mentioned in a low voice.

Jerry was terrified on the time.

How might he overlook this.

Though, Mark has been hostile to the Chu household all these years.

Nevertheless, after Chu Yuan’s dying, Mark was already the top of the Chu household in identify, plus blood relationship.

In the event that they actually worn out the Chu household at present, then Brian Chu may search for them desperately sooner or later.

“Then what to do?”

“Might or not it’s that our journey was in useless?”

Jerry was depressed.

He actually didn’t count on that Mark can be such a canine.

Earlier than they acted, they even secretly evacuated.

This chess misses a transfer, and the entire sport is misplaced.

To not point out eliminating Mark and the Dragon Temple now, they haven’t been in a position to get the treasure of Truman both.

In spite of everything, when Mark left, he had already transferred most of them.


“That’s additionally not possible.”

“Properly, let everybody go searching.”

“Trumen’s thousand years of expertise, Brian Chu left in a rush, so he received’t be capable of transfer all of them.”

Carlo sighed.

So as to not let everybody return empty-handed, he had no alternative however to make a nasty transfer.

Subsequently, within the following time, warriors from varied international locations rushed into varied locations of Trumen like hungry wolves.

The Truman Corridor was knocked down, and several other pillars fabricated from pure gold had been lifted down.

The Treasure Pavilion was nearly dug three ft into the bottom, till the final little bit of valuables had been emptied, after which it was burned down. The fireplace burned for seven days and 7 nights.

Nevertheless, even so, the soldiers of assorted international locations will not be happy with this spoil.

After turning the Trumen headquarters the wrong way up, numerous warriors poured into the Tang household and the Chu household.

In entrance of the Tang and Chu households, all of the treasures and collections of the 2 households had been emptied.

“Please, that is what my father left me.”

“It’s my solely memento.”

“Please don’t take it away.”

Within the Tang Household Manor, slightly woman burst into tears. She hugged a person’s thigh bitterly, refusing to let go, hoping that the opposite celebration would return her issues.

“Go away!”

“The remnants of the Truman household, it could be good to maintain you alive.”

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