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Chapter 4320

But when he made a mistaken wager, his life can be gone.

After hesitating for a second, Jerry lastly retracted his head and retreated obediently.

“Hmph, Chu Tianfan.”

“You might be appearing like this, you might be risking the disapproval of the world, and you make an enemy of martial arts everywhere in the world.”

“At some point, you’ll remorse it.”

Jerry mentioned one thing harsh.


“Then earlier than that, I’ll make you remorse it.”

Mark’s expression turned chilly.

The following second, Mark raised his arm, and his energy surged once more, and the ethereal majestic sound exploded right away.

“The Approach of the Clouds is Absolute”

What? ! ! !

Listening to Mark’s phrases once more, Jerry was nearly scared to pee.

His expression modified drastically, it may be mentioned that he was terrified.

The entire particular person, as if seeing a cat or a mouse, circled and ran away.

I used to be even cursing in my coronary heart.

This rattling Chu Tianfan!

You don’t discuss Wude!

What in case you simply cross the road and begin doing it?

Ma De, I haven’t crossed the road but?

Nonetheless, now just isn’t the time to pursue this.

Simply now, Allen died beneath Mark’s Yundaotianjue.

If he was hit, he would most likely find yourself the identical as Allen.

Below the panic in his coronary heart, Jerry not dared to neglect the slightest.

He put all his energy into his legs.

Then, desperately, he fled crazily.

Within the blink of a watch, Jerry ran out of Truman Mountain and disappeared in a flash.

And Jerry’s escape is undoubtedly a domino toppled, inflicting a series response right away.

A type of martial artist current additionally retreated in concern.

Even Aaron, Carlo and different revered leaders within the martial arts world subconsciously retreated a thousand meters.

Identical to that, Mark’s informal phrases frightened away the soldiers from everywhere in the world.

The Chumen Mountain, which was initially chaotic and noisy, grew to become principally clear right away.


“I’m simply kidding.”

“Why are you operating so quick?”

Mark lowered his arms, shook his head and smiled.

Gaia additionally laughed, and Adam Han and different Dragon God Temple individuals all laughed.


“You bunch of trash.”

“With this little guts, you dare to problem my Dragon Lord?”

“It’s merely overwhelming!”

For a second, the Chumen Mountain was full of the laughter of individuals from the Dragon God Palace.

Aaron, Carlo and others who hid within the distance additionally knew that they’d been tricked by Mark, and their previous faces flushed all of a sudden, clearly feeling just a little ashamed.

“This man!”

With a dark previous face, Aaron glanced at Mark from a distance.

Though he was offended in his coronary heart, there was nothing he may do.

Needed to retreat resentfully.

Identical to that, after everybody left, the entire Chumen Mountain returned to calm.

“Ha ha”

“Dragon Lord, you might be too highly effective!”

“You alone scare away the martial arts of all nations.”

“Any further, you may be the undisputed primary on this world martial arts world.”

“And our Dragon Temple may also fully dominate the world, changing Truman and turning into the world’s primary martial arts power!”

I assumed it was going to be a tricky combat.

Unexpectedly, it was so simply resolved by their Dragon Lord.

For a time, the admiration for Mark within the hearts of the whole Dragon God Temple was undoubtedly stronger.

Confronted with the worship of the whole sect’s disciples, Mark didn’t converse, however requested Mr. Han to get him a glass of water.

“Grasp, are you alright?”

“Why are you so pale?”

Presently, Adam Hanfang seen that Mark’s face shortly turned pale, and chilly sweat saved falling on his brow.

Mark didn’t reply, however took the water glass with trembling arms to drink.

Nonetheless, what shocked Adam Han and others was that the glass of water that was initially clear turned blood crimson after Mark took a sip.

“Dragon Lord, you”

Mr. Han was shocked.

And at the moment, Mark spit out a couple of mouthfuls of blood one after one other, and the water within the glass was stuffed with blood.

With a closing snap, it slipped from Mark’s hand and fell to the bottom, smashing into items.

Chapter 4321

“Dragon Lord!”

“My lord!”

The second Mark fell, all of the individuals from the Dragon God Temple everywhere in the mountain rushed over.

For them, Mark is their heaven.

If Mark fell, their sky would additionally collapse.

Presently, on the foot of Chumen Mountain, with the withdrawal of warriors from varied nations, members of the Dragon Temple took over once more.

Nonetheless, not lengthy after Aaron and the others left, two younger girls walked in the direction of the gate of Trumen Mountain.

Of those two girls, one is light and intoxicating, with an enthralling fairly face like a blooming orchid.

And the opposite one, with the identical white pores and skin and exquisite look, however vigorous and lively, is certainly a bit eccentric, like an elf, which is lovable.

“Sister Yaoer, is that this Trumen Mountain?”

“The place is the primary sect on this planet?”

“Actually, what a mode.”

“It appears to be a land of immortals.”

That quirky woman held a couple of wild flowers picked by the roadside in her hand, seemed up on the majestic mountains towering into the sky, and praised repeatedly.

The light girl subsequent to him smiled, “This Truman is certainly magnificent.”

“In response to legend, Chu Yunyang, the primary era descendant of the Trumen, saved the world from hearth and water, after which ascended to immortality. Yu Ze has protected his descendants for almost a thousand years.”

“Actually, Sister Yao’er, are there actually immortals on this world?” The woman stared at her stunning massive eyes and requested once more.

The girl on the aspect smiled and nodded, “Sure. Apart from, your Brother Mark is the Empress of the Immortal.”


When the woman heard this, she instantly grew to become excited.

“Brother Mark is the queen of the immortal?”

“Doesn’t that imply that sister Yaoer’s future little one with Brother Mark may also be a fairy?”

Listening to the woman’s unusual ideas, the girl subsequent to her tapped her on the pinnacle, telling her to not discuss nonsense.

Speaking all the way in which, they quickly got here to the foot of Trumen Mountain.

“Two stunning ladies, the place are you going?” On the gate of the mountain, the disciple of the Dragon Temple guarding the mountain requested with a smile.

Wanting on the two girls’s eyes, there’s a contact of shock and longing.

“We’re going up the mountain.” The light girl replied.

“Oh? Are you going to enter Mount Trumen?”

“Miss, I’m afraid I’m sorry.”

“Up to now few days, Trumen Mountain has been closed, and no idlers are allowed to enter.”

“If the 2 women don’t wish to die, they need to go away as quickly as potential.”

The smile on the guard’s face on the gate disappeared instantly, and his cautious eyes fell on the 2 girls in entrance of him.

Though these two ladies are very stunning, it’s not an exaggeration to say that they appear like gods.

However now could be a particular interval. The Dragon Temple has simply encountered two main battles. At this second, the Dragon Temple is empty of energy. Naturally, these guards need to be extra accountable.

“We’re not idlers.”

“I’m Brother Mark’s youthful sister, and that is Brother Mark’s spouse!”

“Brother Mark, are you aware?”

“It’s your Dragon Lord, who’s the actual proprietor of this mountain, Chu Tianfan!”

The woman stood up and yelled angrily on the guards of the mountain.

Given the connection between the 2 of them and Mark, returning to Mark’s home wouldn’t be the identical as returning to their very own residence.

However now, the few sightless issues in entrance of them truly wish to drive them away.

“What did you say?”

“You mentioned she was Mr. Chu’s spouse?” The gatekeeper all of a sudden laughed.

“Ha ha”

“Now this girl is a bit fairly, so she desires to marry right into a rich household and achieve energy and wealth.”

“Nevertheless it’s a pity that we, Mr. Chu, have already got an proprietor.”

“His spouse’s title is Helen Qiu, and Jin Bao and I are nonetheless fellow villagers?”

“Apart from, the youngsters of Mr. Chu and Ms. Qiu will run away.”

“So, you two, let’s die.”

“Do you continue to wish to contact Mr. Cichu?”

“What a wishful pondering!”

“Go away!”

Jin Bao waved his hand and snorted with a smile.

If it weren’t for the great thing about these two ladies, Jin Bao would have slapped him way back based mostly on the truth that they met Mr. Ci Chu simply now.


What Jin Bao mentioned made the woman tremble with anger.

Presently, footsteps all of a sudden got here from the mountain.

I noticed an previous man with a central bald head coming over. This particular person is of course Ericson Li who adopted Mark to combat within the north and south.

Gaia, one of many 5 dragon gods of the Dragon Temple, adopted Ericson Li down the mountain.

“Second grasp, what’s the matter, what occurred?”

The 2 brothers Jin Bao and Yin Bao who had been accountable for guarding the gate ran up and requested respectfully.

“It’s okay, Mr. Gaia and I got here down the mountain to select him up.”

“Shortly, there might be a robust Dragon God dashing over.”

Ericson Li mentioned in a deep voice.

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