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Chapter 4314

“The remaining shall be distributed by the Wulian Federation.”

“I don’t know what everybody thinks?”

Lord Carlo stepped ahead to manage justice.

“Lord Carlo, no!”

“There are a whole lot of nations within the Martial Arts Federation, and the Dragon God Temple aspect has 20% of the ability. They’ve divided an excessive amount of!”

Allen was extraordinarily dissatisfied.

In any case, Truman’s sources are restricted.

The extra the Dragon Temple will get, the much less folks they’ve left.

However Aaron and Jerry, the Russian emperors on the aspect, persuaded

“Brother Allen, cease arguing.”

“In my view, simply comply with what Lord Carlo mentioned.”

“In any case, the Dragon Temple is a brand new power, and its background is shallow. Giving extra to the Dragon Temple can even replicate the humanitarian care of our martial arts world.”

“Apart from, our senior elders ought to give strategy to some junior youths.”

Below the persuasion of Aaron and others, Alan had no alternative however to just accept this plan irrespective of how unwilling he was.

“Corridor Grasp Mark, Truman’s sources shall be divided into 20% for you, so you have to be happy?”

“It’s time to order and get out of the way in which.”

“I additionally need the employees of Wulian to take over the remaining 80% of the provides.”

Carlo checked out Mark with a smile.


Mark all of a sudden laughed out loud.

“You previous canines, your abacus is admittedly good.”

“A number of phrases will take away 80% of Truman’s sources.”

“Are you bullying my Dragon God Palace, or do you suppose I’m a idiot?”

Mark’s phrases made King Carlo and the others frown.

“Corridor Grasp Mark, what do you imply by that?”

“Might it’s that for those who share 20%, you continue to suppose it’s much less?”

“There are a whole lot of nations within the World Martial Arts Federation, and their a whole lot of persons are solely divided into 80%. Your Dragon Temple is split into two tiers. Are you continue to not happy?”

“Grasp Ye, don’t you suppose your urge for food is simply too massive, don’t you suppose your Dragon Temple is simply too grasping?” Carlo, Aaron and others additionally all of a sudden grew to become sad.

I simply really feel that the Dragon Temple is slightly ignorant.


“Aren’t you those who’re grasping?”

“The place had been you when Chumen besieged Noirfork?”

“The place had been you when my Dragon Temple fought desperately in opposition to Truman?”

“Now that Chu Yuan is useless and the Tru Clan is gone, you all ran out to share sources?”

“It’s a disgrace that you just nonetheless declare to be seniors, I checked out my age, and I went to a residing canine!”

“I don’t need any face!”

Mark scolded him harshly.

However Lord Carlo’s previous face was immediately furious, and Aaron and the others additionally had veins on their foreheads, and Alan was much more livid.


“You yellow-mouthed child, how dare you insult me and different martial arts seniors?”

“Even Chu Yuan by no means dared to talk so arrogantly to us earlier than he was alive!”

“Since your Dragon God Corridor is so ignorant of excellent and dangerous, let’s every depend on our personal skills.”

Allen burst out with momentum, holding a mad knife, as if he was about to chop somebody.

“Alan, don’t be impulsive”

Lord Carlo stopped Allen.

Then, he checked out Mark with a depressing face, “Mark, I don’t agree with what you simply mentioned about martial arts in all international locations.”

“Sure, your Dragon God Temple has paid rather a lot, however my Western European martial arts, and even the martial arts of different international locations, have paid much less?”

“So as to battle in opposition to Truman, I had 13 apprentices, and eleven of them died in battle!”

“Virtually all of the Allen household was slaughtered!”

“The martial artwork of thirty-six international locations in Africa is sort of extinct!”

“It was the determined preventing of martial arts from numerous international locations that consumed Truman’s important energy simply now.”

“With out the foreshadowing of the martial arts of our international locations, how would you may have the victory of the Dragon Temple, and the way would you may have the good document of Mark?”

“Grasp Ye, folks should study to be grateful.”

“It’s your luck that you just had been the final to choose the peaches.”

“However for those who take all of the credit score for destroying Truman due to this, don’t say that we previous guys don’t agree, and martial arts from all around the world don’t agree!”

Chapter 4315

Carlo’s phrases had been chilly, however the phrases had been filled with anger.

After Carlo’s phrases fell, the soldiers from numerous international locations behind him had been full of righteous indignation!

“Brian Chu, don’t bully folks an excessive amount of!”

“Trumen, you Dragon Temple didn’t convey it down alone.”

“You’re simply fortunate, allow you to seize the chance to occupy Trumen Mountain first.”

“Besides, it’s positively not a motive so that you can swallow it alone!”

“Step apart!”

“Step apart!”

Instantly, the martial arts consultants from all of the international locations current roared in unison.

The hovering sound shook the complete Chumen Mountain.

These folks additionally skilled the Truman disaster.

Some misplaced their kin within the means of resisting Truman.

Sure, misplaced buddies.

In my coronary heart, infinite unhappiness and anger had been suppressed.

Now that Truman has fallen, their anger and hatred have nowhere to pour out.

However the present Dragon Temple is undoubtedly their finest outlet.

Confronted with the anger of the group, Adam Han and the others couldn’t assist however flip pale.

Clearly, additionally they realized that the state of affairs was not good.

Now the Dragon Temple has simply skilled a struggle and suffered heavy losses.

Even titled masters comparable to Gaia and Owen are not 50% of their peak energy.

As for Mark’s state of affairs, I’m afraid will probably be even worse.

Alternatively, Allen, Carlo and others, when these nationwide martial arts confronted the Truman military, they surrendered and fled.

Subsequently, their fight energy will be mentioned to be utterly preserved.

On this case, as soon as a struggle begins, their Dragon Temple will be mentioned to be defeated for sure.

“Little grasp, for those who hold the inexperienced hills, you gained’t be afraid of working out of firewood.”

“This time, let’s fulfill their needs.”

“Based on what they mentioned, our Dragon Temple will take 20%.”

“It’s an enormous deal. When the ability of my Dragon Temple recovers sooner or later, I’ll ask them to recuperate this debt.”

After contemplating the professionals and cons, Mr. Han advised to Mark.

“Sure, Dragon Lord.”

“This time, let’s take a step again.”

“Sooner or later, we’ll get it again this time!”

Gaia and the others additionally nodded, pondering that this was the one means.

In any other case, their Dragon Temple is admittedly at risk of being destroyed.

All of the high-level officers of the Dragon Temple persuaded Mark one after one other.

Emperor Aaron, Lord Carlo, and different well-known titled powerhouses within the martial arts world additionally checked out Mark coldly, ready for Mark’s choice.

Though, Aaron and the others have already placed on the posture of going to struggle.

Nevertheless, of their hearts, they’d already anticipated the ending.

They concluded that Mark would by no means dare to have anal s3x with them!

In any case, any idiot can see that the present Dragon Temple is on the finish of its energy, and there may be nothing to fret about.

Perhaps Mark could be very sturdy.

Nevertheless, after two peak battles with Chu Yuan and Tang Yun, how a lot energy does Mark have left?


That is what they depend on.

That is how they dared to unite and go to Trumen Mountain to grab sources.

Through the peak interval of the Dragon Temple, they may not dare to impress them.

However now, the one at an obstacle is the Dragon Temple!

They aren’t eligible for choice.

Can solely settle for this system proposed by Carlo et al.

Nevertheless, simply when everybody thought that Mark would give in.

Mark all of a sudden laughed out loud, “Retire?”

“In my dictionary, Brian Chu, has there ever been a phrase for “retire”?”

“I didn’t retreat when dealing with Chu Yuan, and I didn’t retreat when dealing with Tang Yun.”

“Even once I monopolize the Trumen, I, Brian Chu, nonetheless haven’t retreated!”

“And also you, you’re only a group of ants, a gaggle of people who find themselves simply making an attempt to make a residing, and you’re additionally making an attempt to power me to retreat.”

“You, too?”

Mark’s laughter echoed.

Undoubtedly, straight away, Alan and others had been livid!

“Brian Chu, you’re so in opposition to humanity, you’re so decided to go your personal means.”

“Are you actually not afraid of angering the entire world and making the martial arts of all international locations go to struggle with you?”

Allen’s eyes had been chilly, and he confronted Mark!

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