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Chapter 4310

“Aunt Tang shouldn’t be an enemy.”

“What’s extra, along with her energy, if you wish to save somebody, you don’t should be sneaky in any respect.”

“Behind this, there ought to be another person.”

Mark was critical. ,

The uneasiness in my coronary heart turned increasingly more intense.

He all the time felt that the matter was most certainly not over but.

That bizarre dragon gate, and the corpse of Chu Yuan that withered in a single day.

Now, the mysterious sturdy man who all of the sudden appeared, and Chu Qitian who was rescued.

One after the other, Mark felt that there appeared to be an enormous conspiracy brewing quietly.

“Then Dragon Lord, what we could do subsequent?”

Gaia, Owen and the others additionally turned dignified.

I believed that after Chu Yuan died, every little thing can be over.

Nevertheless, since they arrived at Trumen, they found that every one these items had been infinitely bizarre.

“Simply wait and see.”

“Today, you proceed to take over Truman’s property first.”

“On the identical time, let the injured recuperate as quickly as doable, whereas the remainder patrol day and evening beneath martial legislation.”

Mark additionally has no good countermeasures.

The state of affairs is unclear now.

Even when Mark wished to make a transfer, he couldn’t discover an opponent in any respect.


“Dragon Lord, you haven’t recovered out of your critical damage, so take note of relaxation.”

Gaia and the others ordered.

Mark nodded.

Then he went to the forbidden space of the Chu household alone.

After I got here final time, within the forbidden space, the grass was luxuriant, and the flowers and vegetation had been vying for splendor.

The flowing water is murmuring, the flowers are aromatic and the birds are singing.

It’s fully a paradise.

Nevertheless, now that Mark re-entered the forbidden space of Chumen, he discovered that it was a totally totally different state of affairs.

So far as the attention can see, the sky is grey.

The flowers and vegetation are withered beneath the toes, and the damaged and rotten timber lie horizontally.

The place the stream as soon as flowed, there may be solely a dry riverbed left.

Lifeless, with no vitality in any respect.

“How may this be?”

This scene was undoubtedly past Mark’s expectation.

Nevertheless, on the empty wasteland, the stone steps reaching to the sky are nonetheless there.

Mark walked ahead.

Nevertheless, after I got here final time, the traditional stone gate had disappeared.

As a substitute, there’s a stone seat, hidden among the many clouds.

Mark rubbed his eyes.

For some purpose, he all the time felt that there was one thing on the stone seat.

Abruptly, a gust of wind blows.

The clouds cleared.

Solely now did Mark see clearly!

It’s folks!

On the stone seat reaching to the sky, there was truly a determine sitting.

He was wearing a black gown, and even his face was coated by the black gown, making it unattainable for Chu Lin to see clearly.

“Who’re you?”

Mark didn’t go ahead any extra, he simply smelled it from a distance.

Nobody answered.

It was as if that determine didn’t exist in any respect.

Nevertheless, simply to be on the secure facet, Mark stretched out his palm, able to launch an assault, to do this black shadow.

Nevertheless, at this second, that determine all of the sudden stood up from the throne.

A hoarse voice instantly sounded on this world.

“It’s been a thousand years, and I’ve lastly been ready for you.”

“This time, allow us to make an entire closure”


Harsh laughter echoed.

Just like the ear-piercing magic sound, it made Mark extraordinarily painful.

His already weak physique turned black in entrance of his eyes, and eventually Mark fell straight into the forbidden space.

However when Mark explored the forbidden space of the Chu household once more, there have been a lot of sturdy males on the foot of the Chumen Mountain.


“Who’re you?”

“With out the Dragon Lord’s order, nobody is allowed to enter Trumen Mountain!”

On the foot of Trumen Mountain, the folks from the Dragon Temple who had taken over the protection of Trumen stopped these folks exterior.

“Go away!”

“Do you actually regard Trumen Mountain as your property?”

“You continue to dare to arrange obstacles to cease us?”

A bald man cursed angrily, and despatched the gatekeeper flying along with his palm.

“What are you guys doing?”


The folks from the Dragon Temple obtained up and continued to dam.

“What are you doing?”

“After all it’s to take again the issues that belong to the martial arts of our nations!” The bald man laughed grimly, after which took the lead, main numerous sturdy males behind him, and charged into Trumen Mountain.

Chapter 4311

After these folks rushed into Trumen Mountain, they searched in numerous methods with out saying a phrase.

The medication area within the again mountain was looted by these folks.

The ice blades saved within the armory had been additionally looted by everybody.

Not even the well-known calligraphy and work, gold and jade treasures hanging within the corridor may escape.

For a second, all the Trumen Mountain fell into chaos.


“Cease all of it!”

After Gaia and the others obtained the information, they instantly stood as much as cease it.


“Who am I? It seems to be Previous Gaia.”

“very long time no see.”

“In a couple of days, let’s discuss concerning the previous days.”

Presently, it was the bald man who spoke simply now.

His title is Allen, he’s the titled grasp of martial arts in Western Europe, and he’s main his cronies to plunder the Trumen Mountain.

“I’ve to say, there are actually numerous good issues in Trumen Mountain.”

“Take out any random set of calligraphy and portray, I’m afraid it is going to be price quite a bit.”

“Trumen has actually stolen too many issues from the martial arts of our nations through the years.”

“Previous Gaia, don’t have a look at it, you need to hurry up and get some, or you’ll be taken away by the martial arts of assorted nations.”

Allen laughed.

Presently, there have been greater than a whole lot of martial arts consultants who rushed into Chumen Mountain.

After the information of Chumen’s demise unfold, the surviving martial arts consultants from different nations all rushed to Chumen Mountain.

Delusional, get a chunk of it.

In spite of everything, Truman has dominated the world for thus a few years.

Because the primary drive on this planet, there should be numerous treasures.

After all, for Allen and different warriors, cash is one thing exterior of them.

What Allen and others cared extra about had been Truman’s expertise and martial arts.

Particularly the dragon physique!

If one can discover the strategy of cultivating the Dragon God Physique, one’s personal energy will advance by leaps and bounds, and one’s lifespan can even skyrocket.

On the planet of martial arts, everybody is aware of that physique coaching in martial arts will help delay life.

So long as individuals are alive, then every little thing is feasible!

“Brother Allen, cease speaking nonsense.”

“Rush shortly.”

“In the event you don’t rush, Kerry and the others will take all the great issues!”

“Whether or not our French Martial Arts could make again its cash relies upon totally on you.”

Whereas Allen was chatting, somebody beside him urged him.

Afterwards, these warriors from everywhere in the world rushed into the primary halls of the Chu Clan.

Gaia wished to cease it, however couldn’t cease it in any respect.

In spite of everything, there are too many opponents.

Furthermore, there are greater than a dozen titled masters.

The powerhouses of the Dragon Temple had simply skilled a battle, like Gaia, they had been all wounded once more, and a lot of the remainder of the employees had been both useless or injured.

However now, within the face of sturdy males from everywhere in the world, Gaia and the others naturally can not cease them.

“Rattling it!”

“These bandits!”

“Don’t fear about the remainder of the place.”

“Name all of the sturdy males to protect the Treasure Pavilion!”

“It doesn’t matter what, the Treasure Pavilion can’t allow them to in!”

Elder Han was additionally very offended.

However now their skills are restricted, and it’s unattainable to care for all of them. They will solely guard in opposition to key areas.

Particularly Truman’s Treasure Pavilion.

It may be stated that it has gathered a lot of Truman treasures.

In any case, these robbers can’t be robbed.

Nevertheless, Allen and these individuals are all human beings.

They quickly observed that the powerhouses of the Dragon Temple had been all gathering in a sure attic.

“Everybody, have you ever seen that pavilion?”

“If it’s not what I anticipated, essentially the most valuable treasures of Truman should be hidden there.”

“Don’t say something, I’ll go first.”

“Everybody, whether or not we are able to make a fortune or not, we’ll every depend on our capacity!”

Allen yelled, his eyes had been stuffed with fiery colours.

Afterward, Allen took the lead and rushed towards the situation of the Treasure Pavilion.

“Alan, you crafty previous canine!”

“Eat alone first, don’t even give it some thought!”

“The physique of the dragon god belongs to us Germans!”

The members of the German royal household additionally guessed that it was Truman’s Treasure Pavilion.

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