Biolife Plasma Services Collects High-Quality Plasma for Plasma-Based Treatments

Biolife Plasma Services Collects High-Quality Plasma for Plasma-Based Treatments

The goal of a new Biolife plasma donation facility in Holland is to ensure that patients in West Michigan have access to potentially lifesaving blood plasma.

Biolife Plasma Service which already has multiple facilities in West Michigan, opened a new facility in Holland. This new location is 13,813 square feet.In addition to its Grand Rapids location at 2670 East Paris Ave. SE, Walker, and Grandville, BioLife now has a donation site in Holland.

In response to rising demand, BioLife is expanding its network of plasma collection centers throughout the United States, the company said in a statement.  There are already more than 180 modern Biolife Plasma Services donation facilities in the United States and the Holland facility will add to that number.

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Engage with Local Donors to Satisfy Plasma Demand

According to a statement released by BioLife, the company is thrilled to be expanding into the Holland area and is looking forward to working with local donors to meet the growing need for plasma. Hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide suffer from uncommon and complicated chronic conditions, such as immunodeficiency disorders, and rely on plasma donations to manufacture drugs that may save their lives. Many of these patients can only be helped by plasma-derived pharmaceuticals.

Plasma Donation Facility

Plasma is only available via the donation of whole blood from healthy people. Nearly half of all blood is plasma, which is utilized to treat conditions like hemophilia as well as victims of shock and burns, as reported by the American Red Cross.  City of Worcester, Massachusetts Worcester now has a plasma donation facility to deal with the growing need for plasma-based therapy.

Biolife Plasma Services has over 160 Sites Nationwide

More than 160 locations around the United States are home to Biolife Plasma Services. Worcester is the company’s first outpost in the Bay State. Donations of plasma are utilized to create medicines for the treatment of a wide variety of uncommon and chronic, complicated conditions, such as immunodeficiency disorders. Because plasma cannot be manufactured artificially, transfusions are necessary.

Safe for You to Give and for the Plasma Recipient

Tyson Brim berry, the center’s manager, estimates Biolife Plasma Services that it will take three hours the first time, but just one hour after that. The screening procedure begins with us. If you pass the nurses’ interview and physical, and are otherwise eligible to give, you may stop by and do so. Donating plasma may be done up to twice weekly in a risk-free manner.

Deliver High-Quality Material

The world’s foremost provider of temperature-controlled logistics for the life sciences industry has formed a partnership with Takeda’s Biolife Plasma Services to deliver consistent, high-quality cellular starting material for the production of life-saving cellular therapies.

Cutting-Edge Cell Treatments

CEO Jerrell Shelton of Cryoport had this to say about the deal. Biolife Plasma Services our mission is to simplify the intricate procedures required to treat more patients with cutting-edge cell treatments without compromising on quality or safety.

New Operating Platform in Texas’s Largest City

Together, Cryoport’s new global supply chain center in Houston and Biolife Plasma Services local donation facilities will form a new operating platform in Texas’s largest city, which will serve as a hub for the companies’ end-to-end collection, processing, and distribution operations. Cellular collections will be conducted in a separate area of the BioLife Plasma Services donation facility by trained cellular collection workers under the supervision of BioLife professionals who have substantial knowledge and experience in the disciplines of cellular treatment and apheresis.

Most Promising Areas of Development in Healthcare

Cell therapy is one of the most promising areas of development in healthcare today Hema Tallman, Global Head of Biolife Plasma Services. The visionary leadership of BioLife Plasma Services and the dedication of Takeda to improving the health of people across the globe are on full display in this partnership. This partnership will maximize the utilization of our state-of-the-art infrastructure, cutting-edge technologies, and highly trained medical experts and technicians as we seek new ways to meet the needs of our patients.

End to End Offering Across our Global Donation

 Together, Cryoport’s flexible cryogenic logistics solutions and the operational synergy between plasmapheresis and leukopheresis could help implement and scale a market-leading end-to-end offering across our global donation center network, allowing more patients to receive potentially life-saving blood transfusions. Both the recipient and the donor benefit from plasma firms that are promoted via Biolife Plasma Services.

Donations Average 45 Minutes

 Donations take around 45 minutes on average, and donors are limited to a total of four per year with no more than two in any one month. Donations are often made at a blood bank or plasma collecting facility close to the donor. Women who are expecting, those who have recently had tattoos, piercings, or other body changes, or those who have had a burn treatment technique should not undertake the surgery because of the risks involved.

The Minimal Weight and Age to Donate Plasma

The donors are whole, sentient beings. Donations of plasma to organizations like Biolife Plasma Services are accepted from any healthy person who offers to do so. The minimum weight and age requirements to donate plasma in the United States and Canada are 110 pounds 50 kilograms and 18 years of age, respectively. Donors should be located conveniently close to the venue accepting their gifts.

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