Best Corporate Travel Management Companies: Benefits & Features

It takes time and effort to plan a business trip. You need to balance a number of variables, including costs, regulations, risks, total expenses, and more. An independent business trip planner may find it difficult to handle all the moving parts. A corporate travel management company plans, manages, and keeps track of all business travel on your behalf. It’s similar to having a specialized  travel agent at your help wherever you go. In the following article, we have mentioned some of the key features that you should look for in the best corporate travel management company.

5 Advantages of Hiring a Travel Management Company

Here are some ways a corporate travel management company can be used for  assistance if you’re finding it frustrating to plan travel for your business trips:

  • Save money on travel bookings: Global inventories mean more options at lower prices, so you can be confident you’re getting a good deal.
  • Simplified booking: Provide self-booking tools and assistance from tour operators and travel professionals to employees so they can more easily manage their business travel. 
  • Centralized operations: View all information about your travel arrangements in one location, including reservations, costs, risks, and analytical reports. 
  • Increase compliance: Use approval workflows to more strictly enforce your travel policy and identify unauthorized or against-policy reservations. 
  • Data-driven decisions: Making decisions based on data requires you to analyze each trip’s costs, travel time, and other factors. 
  • The ROI of your company’s travel program can be increased by working with corporate travel agencies in India. It provides a better travel experience and helps manage your business travel needs effectively. 

Characteristics to consider when selecting a  best corporate  travel management company

Choosing the best corporate travel management company for your organization can be difficult because there are so many of them in the world. All the essential characteristics to look for in a good TMC are listed below to assist you in making an informed decision:

1. Inventory size: Look at the range of options available to you. The more options there are to choose from, the more freedom you’ll have to compare them and find the best deal. 

2. Flexible travel planning: Meetings are postponed and travel plans are changed because that’s how businesses operate. You should be able to easily change the itineraries at the last minute with the help of your TMC. 

3. Customer service: A top-notch travel management company will provide prompt customer service in addition to round-the-clock assistance for your employees during their trip. 

4. Expense management: To help you make future decisions that are better informed, a corporate travel management company should provide comprehensive insights into your travel expenses. 

5. Reporting and analytics: You can see exactly where your money is going and identify patterns by creating analytical reports for each trip based on data-backed insights.  

6. Compliance and approval: By integrating travel policy into simple approval flows, working with a reputable corporate travel management company in India can enhance compliance with regard to travel. 

Let’s look at the best corporate travel management companies you should be keeping an eye on. 

5 Best corporate travel management companies

1. Paxes

A SaaS-based platform called Paxes assists companies of all sizes with their corporate travel needs. Additionally, it helps the top corporate travel management companies manage client international business travel effectively. Paxes allows corporate administrators to manage budgets, create numerous invoices, and conduct minute expense analysis.

2. Egencia

Egencia, a travel management tool, can help businesses keep track of their travelers and travel-related data. As a result, seamless travel arrangements and traveler security can be ensured. In order for businesses to evaluate the effectiveness of their travelers and pinpoint areas for improvement, Egencia also offers reports and analytics.

3. CWT

For employees, CWT offers a trustworthy and easy-to-use business-to-business platform. Using their app, which is accessible on PCs and mobile devices, travelers can book rooms at a variety of properties.

4. TravelPerk

Due to its partnerships with leading brands and access to the largest global selection of travel options, TravelPerk can satisfy all of your requirements. By letting TravelPerk handle the research, you can save time looking into hotels, flights, and rental cars.

5. TripActions

You can travel easily and quickly thanks to TripActions’ trusted partner connections and straightforward booking process. Furthermore, TripActions customer service is always ready to help you if you need it.


Associating with a seasoned and well-respected travel management company is highly advised if your business frequently sends employees on business trips. You can save time, money, and effort by doing so. The best corporate travel management companies should always be chosen. A thorough travel management plan that is tailored to your corporate travel program’s particular requirements can be provided by top corporate travel management companies. One should make sure that they get the best TMC as per their requirements. 

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