ACE Heavy-Duty Equipment: Top 2 Models with Price and Features

ACE Heavy-Duty Equipment Top 2 Models with Price and Features

The construction industry in India has witnessed ground-breaking innovations stipulating the economy’s growth. Furthermore, the heavy-duty equipment industry is one of the catalysts accelerating this growth.

To illustrate, the sector manufactures a wide range of equipment, facilitating the mining, construction, and plantation industry. Amid the existence of several brands, ACE leads this market. Rightly so, the brand manufactures machines equipping highly-advanced technologies.

Additionally, the brand is known for its ardent investment in R&D for product upgradation & further improvement. Hence, let’s learn more about the top two equipment from this brand.

ACE 5040 & ACE AX-130: Price & Features Explained

ACE AX-130 Backhoe Loader

To begin with the ACE AX-130 specification, this backhoe loader features a hydraulic oil capacity of 110 ltr. This particular feature ensures high fuel efficiency in the longer run. Besides, the operating weight of 7500 kg justifies why infra professionals swear by this model’s name.

Apart from ensuring massive work output, the backhoe loader facilitates a range of tasks in the construction & mining industry. For example, the 1 cum bucket capacity of this machine helps the carriage of heavy loads in one go. More importantly, the price range of this backhoe loader starts from Rs. 17 Lakh and goes up to 24 Lakh in India.

ACE 5040 Crane

This best-selling crane model comes with 5 tonnes of lifting capacity. This subsequently ensures the carriage of bulky materials at once without any hassle. Additionally, the height of this machine is around 140 meters. Such a functionality facilitates the movement of materials to tremendous heights.

Further interesting is the equipment’s ability to operate at a max speed of 40 kmph. 

Subsequently, such a great speed limit ensures smooth operation for undertaking any complex task.

Above all, the ACE tower crane 5040 specifications are quite praiseworthy, given the model’s output. Furthermore, all these features come with a reasonable price range of Rs. 24 – 26 Lakh.

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