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Chapter 2516

It’s so simple as an grownup beating a baby!

David discovered that Ali, the very best fight energy in Dashi Village, was only a monk who had simply stepped into the Transformation Realm. Within the realm of warriors within the secular world, he was at greatest an ideal Marquis!

If David regained a bit of energy casually, he may nonetheless beat Marquis Wu.

“You may actually save folks?” The outdated village chief checked out David in disbelief!

“Previous village chief, it was Yun’er who saved me and let me keep in Dashi Village, and the villagers of your Dashi Village didn’t embarrass Yuner and drive me away, which implies that Dashi Village is form to me, how may I mislead you !”

David mentioned sincerely!

The outdated village chief checked out David like that, nodded after some time and mentioned, “Okay, let Zhuzi take you there, however come again instantly in the event you encounter hazard!”

“Understood, thanks outdated village chief…”

David Very grateful!

Actually, the outdated village chief additionally knew that even when all of the folks in Dashi Village had been taken away, it will solely improve the casualties. Perhaps their Dashi Village can be worn out from then on!

Since David made such a vow, the outdated village head determined to let David attempt it!

“Zhuzi, let’s not waste time, let’s go…”

David urged Zhuzi!

Zhu Zi glanced on the outdated village chief, who waved his palms and mentioned, “Go forward, be secure…”

Zhu Zi nodded, after which led David out of the room!

When Zhuzhu handed the door of his home, he took out an extended knife as tall as himself and a bow and arrow from the room.

“Let me see the folks in Daqing Village, I’ll shoot them to loss of life…”

Zhu Zi gritted his tooth, it appeared that he hated the folks in Daqing Village!

“Zhuzi, do folks in Daqing Village at all times bully you?”

David requested.

“No, they at all times bully us due to their numbers and energy. Initially, on this mountain vary, we every had our personal searching grounds!”

“However Daqing Village expands their territory yearly. , squeezed the searching place of our Dashi Village to the sting, and it’s getting smaller and smaller.”

“Each time I’m going out, I come again with little or no harvest, so the folks in our village are getting poorer and poorer…”

Zhuzi launched !

When David heard it, it appeared that Daqing Village and Dashi Village had been nonetheless feuds, all for the aim of robbing assets!

“The folks in Daqing Village can simply seize issues, why are they nonetheless hurting folks? Why did he catch Yun’er and the others?”

David was very puzzled. Because it was for assets and no different hatred, he took issues away. Neglect it, why arrest folks!

“Brother David, you don’t even know that the folks in Daqing Village are unhealthy. They arrested our folks simply to take issues to redeem them, and they might additionally secretly assault our village and rob us of our issues. The watchtower within the village is to forestall shock assaults from Daqing Village.”

“They not solely rob issues, but additionally kill folks, my father was killed by the folks of Daqing Village…”

Zhuzi mentioned, and began to cry!

When David noticed it, he instantly stepped ahead and stroked Zhuzi’s head, after which requested, “Why are the folks in Daqing Village so unhealthy? They’re merely bandits…”

“They had been initially bandits, and Daqing Village was once a bandit village , Later, because of the good location of Daqing Village and the big searching grounds, it regularly attracted many individuals to calm down, so the present Daqing Village was shaped.”

Zhuzi defined!

When David heard this, he instantly understood, no surprise the folks in Daqing Village had been so merciless, they turned out to be a bunch of vicious bandits!

David and Zhuzi walked whereas chatting, and shortly got here to the foot of the mountain vary.

There are monsters on the foot of this mountain every so often, however they’re usually small monsters with comparatively low ranges and are usually not very invaluable, so in an effort to seize massive monsters, Ali and the others will go deeper into the jungle!

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