A Man Like None Different Novel Chapter 2491

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Chapter 2491

David stretched out his hand to push open the bronze door, and located that the bronze door was very gentle, and there was no formation on it, so he pushed it open simply!

Because the bronze door creaked open, a very massive jail appeared!

On either side of the hall, there are small jail cells, and individuals are detained within the cells, and the sunshine of formations is consistently shining across the cells!

The folks within the cell had been all chained with thick iron chains, and these folks appeared very haggard, all with matted hair, it appeared that that they had been imprisoned for a very long time!

Listening to the sound of the copper door being pushed open, a number of prisoners appeared up, however all of those prisoners had fierce eyes, clearly they weren’t abnormal folks!

Moreover, that is the dungeon of the Demon Coronary heart Sect, and it’s unimaginable for abnormal folks to be imprisoned!

David didn’t know what sort of feud these folks had with the Moxin Sect, they usually had been truly imprisoned right here.

Initially, David wished to launch these folks. In spite of everything, the enemy of an enemy is a buddy, however seeing the fierce eyes of those folks, David hesitated. He was afraid that releasing these folks would trigger hassle for himself!

David rapidly handed by means of the cells on the primary flooring and walked in direction of the second flooring. As for these folks, allow them to be locked up right here!

David will not be a savior, and it’s unimaginable to save lots of everybody, he simply must rescue Yu Qian and his household as quickly as doable!

Passing by means of the dungeon on the primary flooring, David and the others got here to the second flooring, however the second flooring is totally different from the primary flooring. The second flooring is a large cell, solely 4 individuals are detained within the 4 corners of the cell. These 4 individuals are additionally sure by thick chains!

These individuals are all matted, they usually can’t see their faces clearly, however the thick iron chains cross by means of their our bodies, and these folks can nonetheless survive. It appears that evidently the energy of those folks is unquestionably not weak!

David simply glanced casually, after which rapidly walked in direction of the third flooring, however simply as David was about to achieve the doorway of the third flooring, a hoarse voice got here!

“How might the sword spirit from Xijiantan come right here? May or not it’s to save lots of the previous man?”

At the moment, an previous man with matted hair within the nook spoke!

David adopted the voice, solely to see that the previous man was skinny, his face was scorched, and he appeared like he was dying!

“Who’re you? How have you learnt about Xijiantan?”

David appeared on the previous man and requested!

“This previous man is the chief elder of the Artifact Refining Sect, how might he not learn about Xijian Lake…”

Following the previous man’s voice, the three folks in different corners additionally raised their heads!

David discovered that these 4 folks appeared virtually precisely the identical, and was instantly shocked!

And the id of this individual, the Chief Elder of the Artifact Refining Sect?

Since he’s the elder of the Artifact Refining Sect within the Celestial Realm, how might he be imprisoned right here?

Grasp Iron Hammer mentioned that their Artifact Refining Sect was exterminated by the Hearth Burning Sect, so what occurred to those elders of the Artifact Refining Sect?

May or not it’s that the Demon Coronary heart Sect has a relationship with the Hearth Fen Sect?

This time, David was in a multitude!

“You’re the chief elder of the Artifact Refining Sect within the Celestial Realm? Then why did you seem right here?”

David requested the previous man!

The previous man checked out David, and didn’t reply David’s phrases. As a substitute, he requested David, “This sword spirit has been baptized by Xijiantan. Who’re you? How did you get to Xijiantan?”

David stared at The previous man checked out it for some time, after which mentioned, “Grasp Hammer took us there. Jian Lao personally formed the sword Ling Zhongli within the Dragon Slaying Sword into the avatar.”

“Dragon Slaying Sword?” Staring on the sword spirit Zhongli!

“You imply, she is the sword spirit within the Dragon Slaying Sword? The Dragon Slaying Sword is the dear sword of my weapon refining sect. Later, the sword spirit was broken, and I don’t know the place it was misplaced.” The

previous man’s expression turned very excited!

Seeing the previous man’s look, David knew that the previous man wouldn’t misinform him, then he glanced on the sword spirit Zhongli, Zhongli flashed straight away, and it was changed by the dragon-slaying sword, which was held by David!

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