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Chapter 2489

Within the Demon Coronary heart Sect, David regained his calm, and a number of other golden rays of sunshine flashed in his thoughts, making David’s consciousness return to regular!

The scene in entrance of him was additionally restored, and the demon envoy checked out David calmed down, and his hanging coronary heart lastly relaxed!

“David…David…” The

emissary tried to name David twice.

“Let’s go…”

David stepped ahead, and the second formation was damaged so simply!

David’s again, the demon envoy couldn’t assist being speechless. Luckily, he didn’t struggle David head-on, in any other case he would have died a depressing dying by now!

The emissary hurriedly walked just a few steps, walked in entrance of David, and led the best way for David!

Quickly, the doorway of the dungeon was in sight, and right now, in entrance of the doorway of the dungeon, a lightweight curtain flickered, blocking the best way into the dungeon!

“That is the third formation. After passing this formation, you’ll be able to enter the dungeon, however I’m not certified to enter the dungeon. There are different individuals guarding the dungeon.” The

demon envoy mentioned to David!

David simply nodded, then walked to the sunshine curtain, and gently touched the sunshine curtain with one hand!

David closed his eyes barely, and the religious consciousness in his thoughts immediately unfold to your entire formation, and he shortly discovered the formation’s eye!

It solely took a couple of minutes, the sunshine curtain in entrance of him disappeared, and the third formation was additionally damaged by David!

The demon envoy was so shocked that he couldn’t communicate, and watched David stroll in direction of the dungeon helplessly!

The magic envoy was about to sound a reminder, however noticed the dungeon door slowly opened, and a monster with the physique of a bull head got here out from inside!

Seeing this scene, the Demon Envoy froze in shock for an on the spot. He by no means knew that there have been monsters on this dungeon!

He’s by no means been in a dungeon both!

And David was additionally stunned when he noticed the monster with a bull head and a human physique!

“Who dares to interrupt into the dungeon of Demon Coronary heart Sect with out authorization, isn’t it uninterested in work?” The

minotaur requested David harshly, uttering phrases!

David frowned barely, and a number of other divine senses penetrated into the physique of the minotaur, feeling the aura of the minotaur, David was a little bit dazed!

As a result of the aura emanating from this minotaur is basically totally different from different disciples of the Demon Coronary heart Sect, and even totally different from different individuals within the secular world!

This type of breath is extra like coming from the world of heaven and man. David has felt this type of breath from the armor-piercing beast!

It’s simply that the minotaur’s aura is heavier than that of the armor-piercing beast!

Though the armor-piercing beast can communicate human phrases, it nonetheless seems like a spirit beast, and this minotaur has already become a human physique. It appears that it’s going to not take lengthy earlier than it could possibly fully rework right into a human kind!

On this method, the aura of the Minotaur is thicker than that of the armor-piercing beast, which is affordable!

“You aren’t a monster from the secular world, you’re from the celestial world, proper?”

David requested the Minotaur!

In spite of everything, not one of the monsters within the secular world can rework into human our bodies, even when they will communicate human phrases, they will generate religious knowledge and perceive human speech, which is already good!

However the hearth phoenix is ​​totally different, the hearth phoenix is ​​not a spirit beast within the secret world of the secular world, she is a fireplace phoenix spirit beast on the earth of heaven and man, and was thrown into the secular world later!

When David requested in regards to the Heaven and Human Realm, the Minotaur was clearly greatly surprised for a second, after which roared angrily, “I don’t perceive what you’re speaking about. Should you break into the Demon Coronary heart Sect’s dungeon with out permission, you will need to die…” The

Minotaur let loose a cry Roaring, immediately an enormous ax slashed at David fiercely!

David didn’t dodge or dodge, solely to see a golden mild flashing on his physique, and the sword Ling Zhongli flashed right away, instantly blocking the heavy axe, after which slapped out with a palm, immediately sending the Minotaur flying out!

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